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October Global Client of the Month: Emmy

Congratulations to Emmy of UP Hong Kong Central, who is our Global Client of the Month!

“I became a better mother, wife and person,”

Emmy says after making an incredible 20-week transformation at Ultimate Performance.

How Emmy feels now after getting in the best shape of her life is in stark contrast to the way she felt when she first started at UP Hong Kong Central.

Becoming a new mother and dealing with a busy schedule meant her personal health took a back seat and started to suffer.

Global client of the month Emmy - front results

“Having two babies within 12 months took an intense toll on my body both physically and mentally,” she says.

Emmy’s initial goal was simply to lose 15-20lbs – but she achieved so much more in just 20 weeks following an intelligent, bespoke diet and training plan with UP.

What were your expectations going into the 20 weeks and what were your motivations?

“I was expecting a big change in my eating habits and hoping to lose at least 15-20 lbs as a start.”

My motivation was my baby boys and my wedding photos. Having two babies within 12 months took an intense toll on my body both physically and mentally.

“We got married and then had two babies right away. It was a lot.”

Can you tell me how you were feeling both physically and mentally before starting the 20 weeks?

“I was drained both physically and mentally. I didn’t have much time to myself and always put my needs on the back burner. ”

What was your diet and lifestyle like before you started the 20 weeks?

Emmy global Client of the Month - dumbbell row

“I was breastfeeding so I basically ate what I wanted and possibly more.

I was having a few glasses of wine a week, once I put babies down to bed. I looked at red wine as a way to relax after a long day.”

How did your diet and lifestyle change when you started the 20 weeks?

“My diet changed drastically. I cut out carbs, sugar and dairy. I allowed myself one glass of wine per week.”

I started to feel like myself again and truly empowered by the end of the first month.

What effect did this have on your health, performance, lifestyle and energy inside and outside the gym?

Global client of the month Emmy - back results

“I was able to physically do more throughout the day, without feeling completely depleted at the end of the day.”

I became more positive as well. I was In control and seeing results because of my hard work. My entire family benefited.

How did you find the training and did it fit around your busy lifestyle?

“Training was extremely hard work, but I had an excellent trainer who never stopped pushing me.

I was hesitant at first because my body had just been through so much after two pregnancies and two major surgeries.”

Jacky made sure I always pushed myself to the next level, as well as making sure I was safe.

“I trained 3 times per week and it worked very well for my busy schedule. I did cardio 2-3 times per week as well.”

What were your results like after the 20 weeks?

“I reached my primary goal to lose 20 lbs and get my strength to a point where I knew I could do even better.”

I became a better mother, wife and person, and realized there were no limits.

What were the most important things you learned during your 20 weeks and what really worked for you in helping you make your transformation?

Emmy global client of the month deadlift

“I learned how important a healthy diet is, coupled with a smart workout routine.”

I learned that discipline is everything when it comes to reaching your goals, and it’s not hard if you really really want it.

“Documenting my eating habits and having a community to share the ups and downs with, helped immensely throughout my transformation.”

How has doing this transformation changed you and do you think it will benefit you going forward?

“This transformation has given me the utmost respect for people who are at their best and especially at their worst, when it comes to achieving their fitness goals.”

I have a new love for working out, and finding ways to being healthy no matter what I have going on.

Would you recommend UP and why?

“Yes, absolutely.”

UP is an incredible way to learn about yourself, food and fitness as you transform, every single day of your journey.

“It’s a wonderful community of individuals who want to fight for you just as much as you want to fight for yourself.”

Click here to start your own health transformation today.

All UP Client of the Month Results for November can be Seen Below

John – UP Mayfair

John fat loss - 48 weeks

John has come an incredibly long way since the first day he walked through the doors at Ultimate Performance Mayfair.

Transforming his body, his fitness and his health must have felt like a Sisyphean task – he was seriously overweight, knew little about training and nutrition, and nothing he had tried got him the results he wanted.

But after 48 weeks working one to one with his UP personal trainer, and John says his life has changed beyond anything he could have imagined.

“I have lost over 20kg in weight and 35 cm from my stomach. In trousers, I have gone from a 36-inch to a 29-inch waist and t-shirts from a wildly optimistic ‘extra-large’ to a comfortable ‘small’.

Would you recommend UP? If so, why?

“UP has succeeded where everyone else has failed – it has been a truly life-changing experience, and I would thoroughly recommend UP.  Four friends have started transformations with UP, two in Mayfair and two online and they are all loving the results so far.”

To read John’s full story, click here.

Nicole – UP Manchester

Nicole client of the month - front results

Nicole had never lifted weights before, nor even considered it as the best tool for fat loss and toning up, and feared she might become too bulky.

But quite the opposite – she sculpted the lean, athletic and feminine figure she had always wanted with the help of her UP personal trainer.

“Eating a healthy diet also showed in my complexion as my skin was a lot clearer – I looked and felt like a new, improved Nicole, than when I started.”

She has gone from feeling sluggish and tired every day to feeling strong, energised and motivated – and that comes from learning about how to control her diet, the optimum amount of protein and carbs and being able to make the right food choices when eating out.

How did your diet and lifestyle change when you started your transformation with UP?

“Pre-packaged, processed food pretty much disappeared.

I started to eat more fresh food, vegetables and fruit, prepared and cooked proper meals from scratch and actually was starting each day with a decent breakfast.”

I still had snacks but they were nutritious and healthy rather than just sugary.

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Jolaine – UP Singapore

Jolaine 12 week fat loss - front results

Jolaine had put all her energy into raising her two children, and felt stressed and tired out.

She wanted more ‘me’ time, even if it was just a few hours a week.

“I used to watch my kids’ activities on the weekend and think to myself, ‘how I wish I could dedicate some time to being active.”

Now Jolaine has found a way to make her health a priority, while finally taking the time to enjoy herself.

How has doing this transformation changed you and do you think it will benefit you going forward?

This transformation has made me want to look after myself, spend time moving and be more conscious of what I am putting in my body.

“It has taught me to say ‘no’ most of the time and knowing it is ok to say ‘yes’ some of the time.

The lessons I learnt around training and nutrition will stay with me and I will continue to incorporate them into my lifestyle.”

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Serge – UP Amsterdam

Serge 12 week transformation results - front

Serge was already in reasonably-good shape when he came to Ultimate Performance – he was healthy and thought he knew about nutrition.

But working with UP for just 12 weeks has helped him take his body, his health and his performance to the next level.

It’s not just his physical appearance that has been transformed though. The combination of optimal nutrition with his intelligent training programme has helped boost his health and his performance at work.

Serge credits his 12-week transformation with increasing his productivity, improving his discipline at work and helping him break revenue records at the company.

“And above all, after eight years, it is the first time that I haven’t had any troubles with my digestion anymore after my trainer and I found out that I’m intolerant to dairy products.”

How has doing this transformation changed you and do you think it will benefit you going forward?

“I will take all these lessons with me for the rest of my life. My nutrition has changed a lot as well as my training. This knowledge is very valuable.”

Click here to read Serge’s transformation journey..

Eric – UP Causeway Bay

Eric 12 week transformation results - front

Eric came to UP to build lean muscle and adapt to a healthier lifestyle.

Eric suffered from insomnia before starting with UP. Although after just 12 weeks says “it has significantly improved my sleeping pattern and quality.”

How did you find the training and did it fit around your busy lifestyle?

“Yes, and indeed the training was very intense but my trainer and his team have been very supportive throughout my training.”

Guidance and encouragement were extended whenever needed and this has greatly contributed to my accomplishments.

“Their motivation has influenced me very positively and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone, pushing myself to the limit.”

Would you recommend UP and why?

I would definitely suggest my friends to get it started. In the beginning, my friends asked why was I doing it. Now, they ask me how I did it.

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Tom – UP Sydney

Tom 10 week transformation results - front

Tom hasn’t felt this good all his adult life, and it’s all thanks to his 10 week transformation at Ultimate Performance Sydney.

“The feeling is addictive and not something I ever want to lose.”

Before he started his transformation, he had suffered from poor posture and a torn Achilles tendon.

He says the improvement to his posture has been an invaluable part of his transformation, and that the drive of his trainer in the gym gave him the team spirit and accountability he’d lost after his injury.

What were the most important things you learned during your journey and what really worked for you in helping you make your transformation?

“I’ve learned so much, especially the importance of correct form and tempo. Good food choices are also vital for a good transformation and that I don’t need to be in the gym for hours on end to get great results.”

Click here to read Tom’s full transformation journey..

Juny – UP Dubai

Juny 12 week transformation results - front

From feeling depressed about her body to feeling stronger and fitter than ever, it’s amazing how much Juny changed in just 12 weeks.

Juny was unhappy with her figure and felt badly out of shape after a stressful move to Dubai with her husband.

Three months away from the gym and eating out almost every day took its toll on her health and her body.

But 12 weeks at UP Dubai changed all that. Juny’s hard work and discipline in the gym and in the kitchen got her back in amazing shape.

“I feel much more confident and proud of my commitment to this project.

“I’ve re-learned that you are what you eat. I knew that diet is more than 80% of the body transformation, but I just couldn’t keep it right and there was no motivation before I started this project.

“Through this 12-week program, I got back my confidence in my body and training. I will definitely keep my body healthy and looking good.”

Going from eating out most of the time and having a drink every day, Juny quickly mastered the diet which helped her achieved such impressive transformation results.

Click here to read Juny’s transformation story..

Sukh – UP City

Sukh client of the month - front results

Sukh’s dream body seemed a million miles away before he started at Ultimate Performance.

Stag parties and a year of indulgence had seen his weight creep up and he was shocked with what he saw in the mirror.

Then becoming a dad for the first time really took a toll on his health with the sleepless nights and exhaustion.

His diet was out of control, he was eating junk food and he felt fat and bloated.

Sukh had tried every fad diet going, but nothing had worked. He wanted a drastic change but he felt it would be impossible to make the kind of body transformation UP is famous for.

But just 12 weeks later and Sukh achieved the physique he never thought was possible.

His remarkable transformation saw him lose 18kg and melt off the layers of body fat to reveal a physique he feels happy and proud of.

“I tell anybody – this is possible, you’ve just got to put the time in. If you’ve got three hours a week, I would recommend it – big time.

“If you’re unhappy with the way you look, or unhappy with anything in your life, I would hugely recommend coming here and giving it a go. You see the results for yourself.”

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