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Top 5 Fitness & Nutrition Myths: EXPLAINED

Fitness and nutrition myths are an absolute nightmare and tend to be a common reason for people simply ‘giving up’ on living a healthy lifestyle. The confusion that all the so called fitness ‘experts’ have caused has given plenty of headaches, debates and issues to resolve and although that will never stop, there is hope in that there are real professionals out there who can set the record straight…starting with Ultimate Performance.

1. Running Will Help You Lose Weight

Myth: When trying to lose a few pounds the best type of exercise is running.

Verdict: This is totally false.

Explained: Running long distances increases your cortisol (stress hormone) which alerts the body and causes it to retain fat.

When trying to lose weight, resistance training is the most effective approach.

2. Cereal is a Good Choice for Breakfast

Myth: Cereal is the best breakfast choice, right?

Verdict: Wrong!

Explained: Cereals contain a high amount of sugar which will increase insulin and cause you to feel sleepy. Instead opt for a breakfast high in protein and fats.

3. Doing Crunches and Ab Exercises Will Burn Belly Fat

Myth: We have all at some point included crunches and abdominal exercises within our programme with the hope that we will get 6 pack abs.

Verdict: A total a waste of time.

Explained: Abs are made in the kitchen, the key to unlocking that 6 pack is to clean up your diet.

4. Fat Free Means You Won’t Get Fat

Myth: ‘Low fat’ or ‘Fat Free’ will help you lose weight.

Verdict: Hell no.

Explained: Fat has been given a bad name in recent times, particularly by the media, by saying it’s what makes us fat.

Food companies now market their foods with ‘low fat signs’ but the real cause of obesity is a persons sugar intake. Low fat options are packed with sugar and are not a good choice.

5. Resistance Training Will Make Women Bulky

Myth: Many women believe that if you lift weights it will make them look like a bodybuilder.

Verdict: Far from the truth.

Explained: Resistance training is a great way to become much stronger, leaner and also help improve your insulin sensitivity.
UP Hong Kong Personal Trainer, Adam Milner

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