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Top 5 Cheat-Free Takeaway Recipes

Sometimes, you might get home from work and spend an hour in the kitchen, preparing a delicious healthy dinner that wouldn’t look amiss in a Jamie Oliver cookbook.

Other nights, you might find yourself tired and hungry, eyeing up the local takeaway menu.

Stop right there! Don’t ruin your progress, simply check out some of these healthy recipes that taste just as delicious as your favourite takeaway dishes and will be ready in 20 minutes – keeping your hunger satisfied, your wallet heavier and keeping those gains strong.

1. Chinese Chicken Fried Rice

This interpretation of the popular Chicken Fried Rice dish contains a delicious balance of lean protein and carbohydrates, that might also make a tasty addition to your meal prep repertoire.

healthy takeaway Chinese chicken fried rice - UP

2. Saucy Satay Chicken

A recipe full of flavour and with lower carbs than usual, thanks to the substitution of courgette noodles in place of regular egg or rice noodles.

healthy satay chicken - UP

3. Mexican Beef Taco Cups

A simple swap from regular tacos to gem lettuce leaves keeps this recipe lower in carbs and calories. But don’t think that it compromises on taste – this recipe can be ‘pimped up’ with a variety of delicious toppings such as jalapenos, feta and pickled red onions.

healthy mexican beef taco cups - UP

4. Terrific Thai Red Curry

A Thai-style curry that you can throw together in no time at all, with a simple guide to creating your own easy Thai curry paste from scratch.

healthy thai red curry - UP

5. Coconut Chicken Curry

This coconut chicken curry recipe is the epitome of comfort food; a mildly spiced dish paired with cauliflower rice to keep the carbs low.

healthy coconut chicken curry - UP

We will be working on even more nutritious twists on your favourite takeaway dishes, comment below with which dish you’d like to see made healthier next.

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