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The Health Risks of Being Overweight: Nick Mitchell and Cath Tyldesley Q&A

When it comes to your health, you can never be too careful.

Many things contribute to a balanced, healthy lifestyle, such as nutritious food, quality sleep and regular exercise. For a lot of people, a lack of time, other health issues and various lifestyle factors can mean that their fitness levels can suffer.

In the following video, Ultimate Performance Global CEO Nick Mitchell discusses the importance of a balanced routine, with actress and long-time U.P. client, Catherine Tyldesley.

Nick: You’re more likely to die of anything and everything if you are obese, than if you’re not.

Cath: From your perspective, do you feel that the pandemic has highlighted to people how crucial it is to be taking care of their health at this moment in time?

Nick: You’ve only got to look at the statistics. The statistics are very, very stark and very, very clear. You are in a vulnerable category with COVID if you’re elderly, or honestly, inflamed. Your body is fighting a continuous cascade of inflammation, and the most obvious example of that is people who are very overweight.

So, if you look at the people who’ve been susceptible to COVID, the curve is appalling to look at, the more overweight people get. Looking at this through rose-tinted glasses, you could say. One would hope that the world has had a bit of a wake-up call.

Cath: I was looking at the current statistics today, because I had in my mind that it was around 80% of fatalities are overweight or obese in terms of COVID. And I know that the chief executive of the World Obesity Federation has actually stated recently, “The failure to address the root cause of obesity over the decades, is responsible for hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths.”

I think the worry is at the moment, we’ve got some friends that are very overweight, and they openly joke about it. They’re super comfortable in their own skin, which is such an achievement.

It’s wonderful to feel like that. But the other day, they said, “Oh, I’m fine. I can carry on drinking, and I don’t go to the gym, but I’ve had the jab, so I’m going to be fine.” And it really frightened me that they had that mentality.

Because I was like, “you know, you guys, you can still catch it, you can still get very poorly from it. And if that doesn’t kill you something else is probably gonna kill you” because we know how heavily obesity is linked to things like heart disease, to diabetes to a whole host of things. So, it’s such a concern, isn’t it?

Nick: Obesity is linked to all-cause mortality, which means you’re more likely to die of anything and everything if you are obese than if you are not. Cancer, cardiovascular disease, cerebral diseases, dementia. The whole thing.

If you are hurt badly in a car crash, your body is going to recover slower if you are obese. There is no health argument in favour of obesity. There’s not. And so, it would be nice if the government had the courage, the balls, to directly tackle it. But they’re not going to directly tackle it.

For more information on obesity-related health risks, click here.

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