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The Benefits of Weight Training I Didn’t Know: Scott Mills’ Blog Week 10

What I’m finding as I continue this plan is that I need consistency, and that’s something that has been lacking in my everyday life.

This has changed how I view my workouts, and how they’re as important as any radio show, interview or meeting.

I have never been a person to wake up early (now sometimes before my alarm), working out and actually enjoying it.

Most of my sessions with U.P. are in the morning, and it’s been a hard habit for me to get into but I love it now, and it’s become a way of life.

I can usually find a million things to do AFTER a day at work, so it feels good that you’ve done the majority of your workout before you even go to work.

Quality of sleep is something I’ve also noticed has got a lot better, because the more rested I am, the more likely I am to put in a good workout.

The sessions at U.P. wake me up and I feel like they give me so much more energy. Why didn’t I do this ages ago?

It feels so good that before I even get to the BBC, I have done something for ‘me’.

Working out in the morning (including the steps to get me to U.P. for the session) is something I have always WANTED to do but never found the self-motivation to do it.

And after work, there was always the excuse that I was too tired to go to the gym.

What U.P. provides is a service like no other I have experienced before, and I really feel like they have helped me to break that cycle and old habits.


I can’t thank them enough for all their guidance, and every single workout feels important. I’m happier, leaner, and I do NOT dread the gym anymore.

In fact, I think I actually look forward to it! These are words I never thought I would say.

Going into work buzzing after a workout is really helping me improve creatively too, so it’s working out my mind as well as my body. Mentally, this has helped me so much – not just physically.


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