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Strong vs Skinny: Who Wins?

Strong vs Skinny. Who wins? 

Strong vs Skinny

I say that as if you don’t already know what I’m going to say, but the answer isn’t the most important thing here – it’s the why. 

See, I’ve worn both of the t-shirts; the one that was always a little too big and the one that I fill out with my new curves (AKA muscles).

But it’s never just about the way you look, and if you’ve been reading my blogs for some time now you’ve most likely heard me bang on about this on many occasions.

This time last year I was the ‘skinny one’ and though many of you would have said I didn’t need to change, there were plenty of reasons for why I did.

Being skinny is not just about looking ‘slim’, the same way that being strong is not just about having muscles.

I’ll tell you why…

Skinny is hitting the treadmill every time you visit the gym because you don’t know what else to do.

Strong is heading straight for the weights room, being focused and smashing it out of the park.

Skinny is feeling intimidated because you look nothing like the girls on Instagram.

Strong is not having a care in the world about the girls on Instagram because you’re happy in your own body, that you’ve worked hard for.

Skinny is always feeling tired, depressed and fuelled with anxiety every single day.

Strong is about being healthy, energised and ready to take on the world – every single day.

On the outside, ‘skinny’ may look just fine and I’m sure you may all want to say ‘it could be worse’ but if you’re not taking care of the body you live in, it doesn’t matter what shape you are.

Looking healthy and being healthy are two very different things.

Strong doesn’t just appear in the form of a muscle.

Bicep Training

Strength is shown when times get tough, when skinny would shy away and hide in a dark place, strength gives you the energy to succeed.

Strength is shown when you’re running on five hours sleep, tackling your everyday challenges at work and still coming home to your family with a smile on your face.

Strength is shown when you realise that weight training isn’t just about lifting weights.

It’s shown when you realise you can do more –  way more – than you gave yourself credit for.

To deal with life, you need to be strong.

And you know, all it took for me to get to this point was one person. One team.

All it took was for someone to show me what I was capable of. And I listened, because…well, because it’s UP.

They showed me, I listened, I got stronger.

We all need that physical and emotional strength to get through the fast-paced world that we live in.

We need our minds to be strong so we can carry the weight of the world on our shoulders; to deal with the stress and the pressure that we put on ourselves and to keep pushing on when you no longer feel you can, the same way you would on your last few reps in a training session.

Now you may still think I’m biased, that it’s my job to say this, but I’m not alone…

“At UP I also discovered my limits – both physical as well as mental. I actually learned that my limits are nowhere near where I thought they were. Each training session and experience at the UP gym proved to me that impossible goals are achievable which boosted my self-confidence and positively impacted both my work and my private life as well.”Basia, UP City Client 

“The effect of coming to UP on my outside life has been really positive. So I’m in a position now where I’ve got a son and I’m not getting out of breath or tired playing with him. He’s five years old; he never stops and now I can join in with everything he does. I’ve got a lot more energy around the house; so I’m doing a lot more, and not feeling it – so, silly things like gardening, DIY work, moving things around the house where I’d be tired at the end of it, but now I’m not tired.”Chris, UP Manchester Client

“When I came to UP, I was lethargic, apathetic and generally miserable all the time. Now following the last year, I am upbeat and proactive; I enjoy walking rather than taking the tube, and I am much happier in my own skin.” Ed, UP Mayfair Client

“I come here, switch off, train hard and stay focused. You know at the end you’re going to leave, walk outside, and you’re going to feel that little bit stronger again and more confident, and you’re going to have that little bit more belief in yourself because you’ve just smashed it for an hour.” Sarah, UP Manchester Client

UP gave me and many others that strength, in more ways than one.

Isn’t it about time you find the strength you need?

So. Strong vs Skinny: Who wins? 

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