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Shane Banished His Belly with 12 Weeks Online Training

A finance director finally got rid of his belly to forge a super-lean physique with 12 weeks of online personal training

Dublin-based Shane had always been in decent shape but could never quite shift the layer of fat around his middle and get the body he wanted.

But in just 12 weeks, the busy father-of-three melted the fat away to carve out an impressive six pack and muscular body with the help of UP’s online training service.

His online trainer created a bespoke training and nutrition plan that he could execute around his busy career and family life.

Shane says his body transformation gave him focus and the gym gave him an outlet from his high-stress job.

After 12 weeks his results were incredible – he lost 12 kg, developed defined abs and saw his waist measurement come down by 16cm.

Shane explains how the education on nutrition has also helped him make some lasting changes in his life that have not only got him in the best shape of his life, but improved his energy levels and sleep patterns too.

Shane's 12-week transformation


What were your expectations going into the program and what were your motivations? 

I knew what UP were about when I was going into this program, I had seen their results, and that’s what motivated me.

I wanted to get lean, have a six pack and get into good shape. I expected it to be tough and it was.

I knew going into this that it required a lot of dedication and willpower and I wanted to challenge myself.

What shape were you in before you started your online program?

I was in decent shape, carrying a bit of weight around my waist that I could never shift.


What was your diet and lifestyle like before you started the program? 

My diet consisted of eating clean Monday to Friday and then basically having a cheat weekend every week. I enjoyed a few beers or wine nearly every weekend.

How did your diet and lifestyle change when you started training online with UP?

I started to monitor and track my food on a daily basis so I knew what I was putting into body and I started to take greater care of myself and my body.

Prepping food was a challenge at the start, but this became easier as the program went along and it was nice to have a routine.

My new diet consisted of far more green vegetables than before, this was great as I felt healthier. No more cheat weekends too!


How quickly did you start to see physical results and did you notice changes in your health, performance, lifestyle and energy inside and outside the gym?

I started to notice changes around two weeks into the program. The weight started to drop and I started to see improvement in my body composition.

My sleeping patterns started to improve; I felt like I had more energy on a day-to-day basis, no more 3 o’clock slumps in work.

I was recommended by my PT to go out for hill walks which I did and I really enjoyed and it is something I will continue to do.

My performance in the gym hugely improved. I gained some good knowledge on the different exercises I was doing and started to progress quite well and lifting heavier something I struggled with previously.

I also started to enjoy deadlifts – a lift that I would have previously avoided when I was training beforehand.

How did you find the training online and did it fit around into busy lifestyle? 

I work long hours at a job that can be quite stressful at times, the training provided me with a break away from the hectic work schedule.

I got in early in the mornings and got a good session in before work and I felt like it set me up for the day.

The cardio sessions were a good introduction also, as it put me in a good headspace when I needed to get away from the office and outdoors.

What were your results like after the 12 weeks? Were you satisfied with them?

I have achieved what I set out to achieve from the beginning and I am now in the best shape of my life and I am so happy that I did this program with UP.

It has been a rewarding experience; all the hard work that you put in you will get back

What were the biggest benefits of doing the online training for you?

Other online training programs that I have seen are a ‘one size fits all’. With UP Online Training, it was bespoke and took into account everything about me and my lifestyle and gave me a program that suited me.

Anything I needed from my PT at any time all I needed to do was drop him a mail and he was always there happy to help and kept me going every week and kept me motivated.

What were the most beneficial things you learnt training online with UP and has it helped you in your career?

That it’s not all about what you do in the gym, it’s what you do outside of the gym that is as equally important to achieving your goal.

It taught me to do more with my spare time and get out more often.

I have learned so much about nutrition, my diet has completely changed and I know what to eat and when to eat to fuel my body.

Most importantly I have learned how to take care of my body and what I put into it.

Would you recommend UP and why?

100%! They are the best in the business, in my opinion. There is no bullsh*t with them or shortcuts; they know exactly what they are talking about and I can now say that after going through my transformation with them that the proof is in the pudding!

I am delighted that I did the online training with UP and I feel that I have taken some valuable knowledge from the process and I can’t thank my PT enough for getting me through the process.

If you’re inspired by Shane’s results and you’re ready to achieve your own body transformation, sign up for a UP Online Personal Training plan

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