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Nick Mitchell’s Success Tips #2

You’ve got to dream big.

Very rarely indeed do great things happen by accident.

The very act of shooting for the stars is exciting, raises endorphin levels and gets you pumped up to excel.

This is the easy and fun bit of success – any fool can, and often does dream. The devil is always in the execution.

I’ve lost count of the times that I’ve heard personal trainers talk about opening the first gym in their “chain” or gym newbies discuss the posing music they’ll use for their professional bodybuilding debut.

I’m sure you’ve heard very similar boasts specific to your own life experience. Almost always this is just people chatting rubbish.

When people congratulate me on opening a new gym in a new country, I have to remind them that any idiot can open a gym, but not many idiots can make it a commercial success, so I’ll only deserve the praise if I make the gym work.

We can all start strong when the challenge is fresh and exciting. The honeymoon period for grand goals is intoxicating and one of the reasons why we all tend to bounce from one goal to the next without ever really completing what we started.

Imagine if you’d stuck to a small handful of the things that once excited you and milked them for all they were worth? I’m willing to bet that some of you would have achieved some truly spectacular success.

When the going gets tough and the setbacks mount up, there’s a natural tendency to peer upwards at that lofty goal and think “F**k it! That’s just too hard and I don’t want it badly enough.”

I’m about to expand my business onto its fourth different continent in the world; trust me when I tell you that I’d have given up long ago if that had been my singular goal. Instead, what I did, and what you must do in order to turn your dreams into reality, is break down your big goal into small sized chunks.

In business, the day I opened my first gym I told myself that it was no big deal and that two gyms were what I needed to scratch the itch.

That then changed as I progressed, but each step of the way I only moved the finish line once I could feel myself within touching distance. The same rules apply to muscle building, fat loss, personal development, and just about any project or goal that I can think of.

Move forward constantly, keep excited because your goal is just within reach, and keep on expanding your horizons.

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