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Nick Mitchell’s Success Tips #1

I remember when I started UP and I thought I was busy. 

A year or two later, I knew it was impossible for me to get any busier. How wrong I was!

Every year more and more seems to come my way. From the man running a global business to the Mum running a non-stop household, the work never stops and somehow you build mechanisms and strategies that allow you to stay on top of things. That state of mind breeds success and ramps up productivity.

Back in the day, other trainers would say to me “I don’t know how you get so much done” and I’d love that because I saw it as a race that I was playing to win. I wanted to get 10 things done to their one.

Nowadays I’m running against myself and my own ideas, the busier I am, the more I get done. I never ever have the opportunity to get bored.

One trick I do that works wonders is set a countdown on my phone.

I give myself a limited amount of time on a given task, which could be anything from writing an article, answering batched emails, or making a call or running a meeting, and when that alarm rings it’s time to end it. I play a mind game with myself and think I’m back at school and the lesson period is up.

Busy people have deadlines, busy people get things done. Busy people without deadlines are just frenetic whirlwinds who are constantly chasing their own behinds.

You know which one you want to be.

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