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Nick Mitchell: How I Detoxify My Liver

I have long flirted with following one of Charles Poliquin’s liver detox protocols and am finally going to bite the bullet tomorrow and start the first of what is a very long (over three months) three part phase using one of the Poliquin Performance products (Lipotropic Excellence) and some Japanes Kampo medicine products from Honso.

Why would I want to detoxify my liver? Because it is one of the primary points in the body for dealing with all the myriad of toxins I have accidentally and sometimes consciously (shhhh, don’t tell my mother!) put into my body. Would you believe that the liver has to detoxify over 10,000 toxicants every single day! I think it’s very fair to say that we could all do with cleaner livers so this is more of a health restoring and insuring act than trying to fix something that is broken.

Why such a long detox phase? Quick liver detoxes just don’t work that well. There are several stages to effective liver detoxification so these quick fix remedies should be avoided like the plague.

I am very fortunate in that all my years of training and optimal nutrition mean that I am highly tuned to any changes in my body. If this process helps in any way – and it can potentially help me do various things such as ease joint pain and help me lose fat by allowing the liver to better detoxify estrogen – then you can be rest assured that I will more on the subject as well as starting our personal training clients on protocols of their own. I have it on very good authority that a liver detox can really kick start female fat loss, probably due to the better elimination of excess estrogen, so I am hoping to see something that I can translate to great results for our female clients.

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