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My Entire Body Shape has Changed: Scott Mills’ Blog Week 20

I now know that every session I do at Ultimate Performance is going to be challenging, but I am in the mindset where I can go in, focus and be able to switch off from work stress and worries while I am training.

Even if you arrive at the gym with loads of thoughts buzzing around your head, you have to be ready to put your phone away and really focus on the hour ahead.

The workouts you do at U.P. are like no other – you cannot go at them with 50% effort.

In other gym sessions before U.P., I would ask to stop and get my breath back. You do get recovery time at U.P., but it won’t be for long, and your trainer will not take “I can’t do it” for an answer.

Since starting, I’ve noticed that the entire shape of my body has changed. My chest has gotten smaller (in a good way) my waist is a LOT smaller, and my stomach is flatter. I also have biceps for the first time – ones that I can notice now, anyway!

One of the most challenging exercises in my U.P. sessions is the ‘pendulum’ – a brutal machine that you step into that’s like a squat, but so much harder because it is weighted.

You grip the bar with your hands and place your feet apart on the platform, then you slowly lower yourself down, and then explode back up. It’s NEVER easy and I think it’s the machine that clients at U.P. fear the most!

Another thing that my trainer has taught me is to “be aggressive”. I’ve noticed that when I do, it really does improve my workouts.

I’ve never been one to grunt in the gym, but these sessions are hard, and aggression does seem to really help. As you can see from some of the faces I’m pulling in the photos here, I’m really trying to put my all in.

You have to get the most out of every session, and once you walk out of U.P. at the end of your hour with a protein shake in your hand, believe me, you will feel on top of the world and ready to deal with anything life may throw at you!



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