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My Diet Plan is Very Different Now to How I Used to Eat: Scott Mills’ Blog Week 19

My eating plan is now very different to what it used to be before I started my training at U.P. and started using the amazing EatUP delivery food service.

I used to skip breakfast, and my first meal would often not be until 12 noon or even 1pm, at which point I would normally order a Deliveroo to Radio 1 or get something from the BBC canteen. Because I hadn’t eaten breakfast, I figured I could have whatever I want.

Then my evening meal would be normally something quite ‘healthy’, but much bigger portions than I needed and with at least a couple of glasses of wine at least two or three times a week. It doesn’t sound a lot, but over the last couple of years the weight has slowly crept on, as you will see very soon in my ‘before U.P.’ photo!

Scott is sticking to his training and diet plan away in Spain on holiday. 

The key thing now is planning, which I do the night before and leave my EatUP meals ready to just grab as I leave the house the next day. It’s a bit like leaving your clothes out for the next days work the night before, you just must remember to do it.

With each meal (four small meals a day) I take supplements such as digestive enzymes and omega 3, as suggested by my trainer Sean.

Once again these are all packed in my work bag and labelled so I know which supps to take with which meals.


It may seem like a lot of planning, but the EatUP service actually makes it a lot easier than prepping yourself. I’ve seen so many fitness people on Instagram prepping their meals on a Sunday afternoon, and making a week’s worth of chicken and veg with a small portion of rice. The SAME food day after day.

What I like about EatUP is the meals are very tasty and also varied. In a typical day, I will eat strips of steak, some fish, and chicken with vegetables, but they all taste very different, which you don’t get if you’re prepping the same meal day after day. I think if I was doing that, it would be a lot easier to stray and reach for the bad foods.

I’m away in Spain this week for a wedding, so I’m without my meals for 4 or 5 days, but Sean has given me a plan which is very easy to stick to. Today I’ve eaten hake with some broccoli and green beans (trying to explain to the waiter that I didn’t want the pear sauce on the hake was a challenge, but I got there!) 

Today, I have searched for restaurants in the area that do good chicken and fish that I can have a nice green salad with. Once you get into this mindset, you become very aware of what is/isn’t allowed and how some fairly simple changes can make a huge difference.

It’s just knowing what those changes are, and the trainers at U.P. are so good at educating you on this. They will take the time and trouble during your transformation to factor in things like going away for weddings/ or on business etc., and tailor your plan accordingly.

At this stage, I have to get my training and diet 100% correct and follow the plan to the letter. And as much as people will say “relax, you’re on holiday” I cannot now ruin all the hard work that I have done with U.P. It’s a team effort, and you don’t want to be the one to let the side down. I’m off for a run on the beach! I’ve got 15,000 steps to hit!


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