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4 Proven Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Want to be unstoppable in the gym? Here are 4 scientifically-proven ways to boost your immune system

How Ultimate Performance personal trainers work out over Christmas

Ever wondered how our personal trainers work out over Christmas? With more social occasions, family events and usually less time to train at Christmas, it can be difficult to stick to your usual workout routine. Plus, finding the motivation to hit the weights when your friends are out partying can be hard. We spoke to […]

5 Ways to Relax & Sleep Better

Are you laying in bed every night unable to stop thinking about what youve done today, what you need to do tomorrow...

5 Things I Learned About Training & Diet After Cancer

Petrina is a 36-year-old mother and U.P. client who was almost lost her life to cancer after the birth of her son four years ago. She is now living with the life-changing consequences of her chemotherapy which left her with serious chronic illness and autoimmune conditions. Petrina completed an incredible transformation with Ultimate Performance Dubai and continues […]

Catherine Tyldesley’s Christmas Leftover Turkey Paleo Pie

It’s Boxing Day, you’ve overindulged the day before and you have tons of leftover turkey. Are you sick of chocolate and sweets? Is the only thing you’re craving something nutritious and healthy? Don’t worry, Catherine Tyldesley has the perfect recipe for you! Plus, it uses up all that leftover turkey from Christmas Day — perfect! […]

Catherine Tyldesley’s Paleo Chocolate Orange ‘Squidgies’ Recipe

The Christmas holidays are usually associated with calorie-laden snacks, sweet treats and overindulgence. If you’re heading to a family get-together, you’ll be surrounded by plates of mince pies, slices of cakes and tins of chocolates. Let’s be honest, it’s hard not to be tempted! That’s why we invited Catherine Tyldesley into the U.P. kitchen to share her […]

Are Your Festive Drinks Causing You to Gain Weight?

Are Christmas coffees and hot chocolates from places like Starbucks and Costa causing unwanted Christmas weight gain?

Strong vs Skinny: Who Wins?

Is strong the new skinny? Is strong 'better' than skinny? Sam explains...

7 Simple Ways to Stay Super-Lean All Summer

If you want to stay lean all summer there are 7 simple steps to follow

5 Things You Need to Read to Get Lean & Strong

If you want to get leaner, stronger and build more muscle you need to read these 5 things

8 Tips to Get Shredded for Summer

Looking to get shredded in time for the summer? You need to start doing this now...

Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

You're eating less, eating healthily and working out regularly. So why aren't you losing weight?

Jenny’s Fitness Journey: Week 8) Mood Swings & Me Time

Jenny battles mood swings and addresses her life balance, as she nears the end of her body transformation.

Healthy Eating Habit That Will Improve Your Sleep Quality

Learn about the five ways food can improve your sleep, and see the improvement once you've made that change.

6 Surprising Ways Fitness Can Improve Your Sex Life

If you want to enjoy a better sex life, then fitness can help you in so many ways...

How to Get Your Fitness Mojo Back

Social Media Manager Sam explains her recent struggles and how she 'got back on it'.

50 Diet and Exercise Tips to Reduce Your Cancer Risk

50 ways you can reduce your risk of cancer by making simple lifestyle changes with diet and exercise

Can Lack of Sleep Cause You to Gain Weight?

If you're struggling to lose weight, a big factor could be your sleeping patterns. This is why...

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