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How to Respond to Fitness Haters

Bitter, hateful losers have existed since time immemorial.

Up to a point we’ve simply got to suck it up and just consider dealing with them as a part of life.

But without question, the dual rise of both social media and victimhood culture, where a small subset of absolute clowns worship the victim and actively seek victimhood rather than resilience or self-improvement, has arguably made matters worse than at any time in human history.

And people being people, me included, it’s that one hater whose negative comment festers in the back of your mind even when it should be balanced against hundreds or even thousands of messages of support and goodwill.

I suspect this is some kind of evolutionary hardwired survival mechanism – things we feel safe around we don’t need to fixate on, things that disturb our equilibrium were probably once more about life or death. 

We’ve all seen the way some “people” love to spit bile online, and I’ve recently encountered some of the most appalling hate and attempted shaming of a U.P. client who has dared to work on her health, lose some weight, and who has received both professional and personal attacks because her weight loss and health regime is making her colleagues feel bad about their own obesity. 

They’ve actually written messages explicitly stating this! I’m in fact downplaying how extreme and bad this has been, it says something very worrying about today’s society that certain quarters feel that it’s acceptable to behave like this. 

The bottom line with all of these nasty people, who many of you may well be encountering as you seek to take charge of your bodies and improve your health, is that your success makes them feel bad about themselves, so they lash out. 

It doesn’t make for a comfortable experience, and if you have the opportunity then my advice is to cut these cancers away from your existence, but if you’ve no choice, they may be work colleagues for example, then you must remind yourself that anyone behaving like this towards you is looking at you and feeling like a loser. 

That means you need to feel sorry for them, and what we pity loses all power over our us.

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