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Healthy At Any Age: Dealing With Change In Your 30s

While your 30s are the years in which you solidify your identity, it is also a time of significant change in priorities, with health dropping down the pecking order behind work, family and social commitments. Time and convenience tend to be the most common barriers to healthy eating too.  

Children and marriage are key milestones, with the average age of new parents being 30-34 and newlyweds being 35.

If you’re in your 30s you can probably relate to feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Being short on time often also correlates with being short on sleep, a cornerstone of good health.

Fortunately, improving your health doesn’t mean you need to follow the regime of an Olympic athlete. Research shows that exercising intensely just 2-3 times per week, walking regularly and eating a balanced diet can all help keep Father Time at bay, improve your sleep and improve your overall health.  

Health and fitness are long-term investments that bring unlimited positive returns. Reduced risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and chronic pain, improved mood, concentration, mental health and cognitive function, the list is endless.  

Being overweight doesn’t just impact our physical health, overweight individuals are more likely to experience mental health issues and be less resilient to stress. Your 30s are a key timeframe for increased opportunities in career growth, which often comes with increased pressure.

So how can you keep on top of life’s many obstacles and remain resilient? An exercise regime is a good start.

As much as exercise is an important physical outlet, letting off steam is good for your mentality too. Research has also shown that workers who exercise and eat well are more productive, feel more positive and are overall more satisfied with work.  

Expert support has been shown to dramatically improve weight loss outcomes when compared to going it alone, and with age comes increased financial freedom to invest in expert assistance.

Training with a personal trainer is far more effective than training without one. Some studies show improvements in performance doubling in just 12 weeks working with a professional trainer.

Now is as great a time as any to start your journey.

Your 30s aren’t just the perfect time to start investing in your career and finances, improving your health will also pay dividends!  

Ultimate Performance client Edward made an investment in his health that has transformed his life.

Heading towards his mid-30s, Edward was tipping the scales at 100kg (220lbs).

This proved to be the wake-up called he needed. He had been going to the gym for five years but his weight was only going in one direction.

Investing in a transformation program with a professional trainer helped him lose 26kg (57lbs) and build healthy habits to set him up for life.

Now he is the fit and healthy role model for his children that he always wanted to be.

Read how Edward achieved his impressive transformation during lockdown with U.P.

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