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Healthy At Any Age: Can Weight Training Make You ‘Younger’?

A common theme we see with female clients over 40 is that they often turn to cardio training when they start thinking about their health and fitness.

While they initially lose weight and feel better, as the weeks pass, their progress plateaus, hunger levels spike, and they cease to see the changes they want in their body even though they may exercise multiple times a week. 

If this sounds like you, it’s time you considered adding resistance training as another tool to your fitness regime.  

An increasing number of people (not just women) over 40 are embracing the benefits of weight training for physical and mental health, beyond pure aesthetics.

Women, in particular, can build and shape the body they want while improving the longevity of their health.  

Still not convinced? Here are four reasons why more women over 40 should lift weights:  

Reduce Muscle Loss

As women age, their muscle mass declines, especially during the perimenopause/ menopause transition. Resistance training is one of the main ways we signal to the body to retain lean body mass.  

Preserve Bone Density

Strength training increases bone density and reduces osteoporosis risk, especially for peri-menopausal and menopausal women.  

Body Image

Ageing women in particular experience various changes to their body so once they start seeing physical improvements, a boost in confidence and self-image will follow.  

Sex Drive

Strength training not only gives you more energy it also increases testosterone production (yes, ladies, that’s a good thing!) and promotes estrogen balance, which can significantly boost your sex drive. 

It is never too late to start

If you’re over 40, overweight, have health concerns, or simply want to challenge yourself, then turn to weight training and reap the many benefits.

That’s exactly what Ultimate Performance client Vicky did.

Vicky had spent her whole adult life trying to get in shape and lose weight.

But as she headed deeper into her forties, she felt stuck in a rut.

She was eating badly, drinking too much and working long hours. Coming back from a holiday tired and low on entry rather than refreshed convinced her she needed a fundamental lifestyle change.

“A friend of mine on holiday had told me that he’d tried Ultimate Performance and he looked completely different.

“I thought ‘I’ve got two choices: either I let myself fade away into middle-aged frumpiness and invisibility, or I give this a go.’ And I hadn’t tried anything like it before.”

Weight training three times a week with Ultimate Performance proved to be utterly transformative.

She lost 18.5kg (40lbs) and reshaped her body. But it also gave her back energy, confidence and a zest for life.

Read how Vicky achieved her transformation with U.P. here.

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