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Fat Loss Q&As: Sticking Points & Yohimbine

A selection of advanced fat loss questions with one of Nick Mitchell’s personal training clients.

1. I’m bound to hit a sticking point and stop dropping body fat at some point, what do you recommend i could do to break through? Just grind through it?

Have a few days of higher calories and rest from the gym. However, with you I have doubts that you will properly realise you have hit a sticking point. Losing only 0.5lb of fat is NOT a sticking point. No change for weeks is a sticking point.

2. If i was to get to a low bodyfat (5-8%) would the best way for me to maintain that is stay with a high fat, high protein diet with only fruits and vegs as carb sources, staying away from complex carbs 90% of the time?

Yes – you are carb intolerant and although this will massively improve with increased muscle mass and lowered body fat you can’t change your fundamental genetics.

3. I was thinking of using Yohimbe to help to hit my stubborn fat (glutes and love handles) off, what amount and when would be best for this?

Most Yohimbine is of poor quality so it’s VERY difficult to prescribe a reasonable amount.

4. How should I modify the workouts I’ve been doing with you round to make it a 1-a-day training session?

Drop the equivalent of the morning sessions.

5. I’m planning on doing the same 6 weeks of training and nutrition that i’ve been doing with you again in a couple of weeks. Would this be OK and not be less effective as I know your body adapts to training stimuli?

It would work, but yes it would be less effective for the reasons you outlined. Changing exercises in some way would alleviate this problem up to a point.

6. Once I get to to a lean bodyfat do you recommend having simple carbs (if so, what type?) post workout for LBM gains or as an endomorph staying away from the extra insulin spike?

100gms of maltodextrin /waxy maize starch once you have a genuine six-pack.

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