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Christmas: Celebrating a year of exceptional results

I am writing today with the annual UP UK Christmas Party fresh in my memory.

In my imagination, if not reality, it was “Wolf of Wall Street” meets “Pumping Iron” so let's say no more than that about the actual event. 

However, what really resonates with me is that it’s also one of the key times in the year when we get to celebrate the industry leading achievements of our team.

As UP expands and we grow both organically and via taking over existing PT gyms, as we have just done in both Amsterdam and Sydney, I get a much clearer view of where UP sits relative to other PT businesses.

Now I am obviously beyond biased, but the stark empirical reality is that we are way ahead of the curve. By no means are we perfect, and over the coming months you are going to learn about the numerous ways we are trying to improve what we offer (the latest, and one improvement of many, is the addition of a full-time professional chef to help our clients build sustainable, enjoyable diet plans at no extra cost to their PT fees). But it’s a totally factual statement to say that UP is the only international Personal Training business in the world and that our PTs have access to careers that are unprecedented in the fitness industry.

Ultimate Performance Christmas personal trainers

All that might not mean that much to you. But what should mean something, however, are the results that the UP consistently generates. 

Part of the Christmas Party was about celebrating the leading lights in the company. Men and women who have come into UP and studied hard, and most critically been encouraged, pushed, and scrutinised into generating the best results of their lives across a very wide range of possibilities (clients).

After looking into PT businesses worldwide as part of our expansion plans, it is this culture and relentless pressure to deliver that is the “secret sauce” of UP.

In a team of stars, the global superstars of 2016 are Nathan Johnson, Akash Vaghela and Mark Bohannon. 

Take a look at a very small selection of their results below and understand why the UP watchword is “results, not promises”.

Ultimate Performance body transformation fat loss muscle building

Ultimate Performance body transformation muscle building

If you are ready to transform your physique in 2017, speak to us about our UP Personal Training plans.

If you don’t live near a UP gym you can still get in the best shape of your life with one of our UP Online Personal Training plans from anywhere in the world.

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