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101 Fat Loss Tips: Take Accountability

Be Accountable For Your Fat Loss

Fat loss can be a lonely business. Achieving your peak physical condition doesn’t exactly widen your opportunities to socialise, and temptations are around every corner (or in every biscuit barrel and sweet tin). We all have ongoing internal dialogues and sometimes the good voice is strong, and sometimes it is weak and willing to succumb to whatever vice lies in our path and throw the fat loss out of the window. If you are anything like me you will be a master of self justification.

How many times have I heard my personal training clients and / or myself utter such self defeating phrases as:

“Just one won’t hurt”.

“I am low on carbs, I need the energy”.

One for the bodybuilders – “I feel flat, I need to get some glycogen in my system”.

burger and chips - UP

Pfah! Having a cheat/reefed meal is not necessarily the end of the fat loss world, but having an unplanned one almost always leads to a real and significant falling of the dieting wagon. One way to avoid this very common pitfall is to make yourself accountable to someone. This is one of the ways that a good personal trainer can earn their fees. My trainers always stay on top of all our personal training clients, and those clients in turn can expect to receive encouragement and praise if they have stuck to their fat loss plans, and something of a telling off if they let things slip too much. Those of you who know me will appreciate that “something of a telling off” only tends to happen once, after that most of my clients realise that we both have a lot invested in their success and that accountability to me to follow through on our work helps us achieve some often spectacular results!

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