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101 Fat Loss Tips: 2) Drink Diet Coke/Pepsi to Reduce Hunger

Number 2 of 101 Tips to lose fat and get lean: Drink Diet Coke / Pepsi to kill appetite

Not exactly the healthiest fat loss “trick” in my arsenal, but if you are living a clean and guilt free lifestyle the occasional diet coke isn’t going to do you any harm.

When dieting for bodybuilding competitions I used to find that I could control my hunger pangs and cravings by drinking a cold can of diet coke. The combination of the caffeine and bubbles (filling up my stomach) would really curb my appetite and stop me from munching until the time came when I was allowed to eat another meal.

I do recommend this dieting strategy to my personal training clients who embark upon our wildly successful Meltdown / Fat Loss Program – 6 weeks and an average body fat loss of 16lbs are results that speak for themselves!

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