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Exercising to Support Immunity

The notion of supporting our immune system through exercise is commonly referenced, but is there any truth to it scientifically speaking? We find out.

Q&A: How Much Water Do You Drink When You Workout?

How much do you drink when you workout?

Best Workout Videos for Beginners

Beginners workout video tutorials

Why Split Squat Is the Most Underrated Exercise Ever

Find out which exercise we think is the most underrated and why. Read on to find out more.

Nick Mitchell: Do I Endorse Zumba?

How beneficial is Zumba? And are there a lot of health benefits behind it? Find out what I have to say about Zumba

Q&A: Advanced Training for Fat Loss?

Our professional personal trainers answer your questions on the most advanced training for fat loss

Q&A: Leg Cramps? Best Training Splits?

How to get rid of cramping calves and how to split your body part workouts throughout the week.

Functional Training: Hit or Miss?

Is functional training a useful way to train?

Top 4 Reasons You Need to Train With Chains

Find out why you should use chains during your workout and how it will transform your body

Deadlift for A Dead Sexy Butt!

Looking to master your deadlift technique and try some different variations? Here’s our complete guide

Triceps Pushdowns: A Waste of Time?

Triceps pushdowns look good, they burn, they get you a pump but do they build muscle effectively as more basic movements

Rage Against the Machines: Why You Should Stop Using Cardio Machines

In this vlog, Nick Mitchell helps you to understand the drawbacks of many weight training machines.

Abs Tutorial: How to Improve Your Crunches

UP senior trainer Nick Daniel shows an in-depth tutorial on how to improve your abdominal crunch.

Video Tutorial: How to Do a Crunch the Correct Way

Senior Trainer Nick Daniel shows you how to do a crunch correctly, using a swiss ball. More tips and tricks coming soon

Q&A: The Best Exercise for Fat Loss or Muscle Gain?

Whats the best exercise you can do for muscle building or fat loss? Nick Mitchell answers all in this video.

How to Lift Weights for Muscle Growth

Lifting weights for muscular growth isn’t as easy as going from A to B, Nick Mitchell gives key tips to aid your growth

Nick Mitchell: How to Choose the Right Exercise for You

Choosing the right exercises that work for you individually is key for growth, there is no universal way for everyone

You’re Doing That Wrong, Bro: Most Common Mistakes in the Gym

The team at UP London City make a fun video showing a lot of the common mistakes/misconceptions in commercial gyms.

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