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Why Strength Training Isn’t Just About Getting Strong

If you’ve been following the hundreds of clients we have at Ultimate Performance, you’ll notice that we’re all training with weights. 

Recently, my main focus has been to build on my strength (superpowers), and I’ll be honest and say I feel EPIC.

For those who don’t weight train, you may be watching those people who look like they’re about to pop a vein while lifting what would only look like the equivalent of a whale, and wonder why on earth we do it? So I’ll tell you.

Strength training isn’t just about getting strong. 

And we don’t all start off with the intention of wanting to lift twice our body weight.

For me, it started off by being taught everything I didn’t know about weight training – how effective it is in getting rid of your body fat and revealing your body shape…we’ve all got muscles; they’re just hiding.

Personal training at Ultimate Performance


It starts off with thinking how weak you are, how little you know and how daft you feel picking up a dumbbell and wondering what the hell you do with it.

I’m telling you now, just one session (at UP) is all you need to change that.

Just one session where someone who does know what they’re doing is there every step of the way, telling you how to move; telling you to keep going when you would have stopped; telling you that you’re stronger than you think.

Then it ends with a feeling you haven’t felt in a long time. That ‘Christ! I did it!’ (and I feel sick) feeling. The ‘I made it and didn’t cry’ feeling.

Then you want to do it again and again.

Each time you see the weight numbers go up and your body fat go down.

Losing body fat


And the days in between, you’ve never felt muscle pain quite like it. Muscle pain that tells you you’ve worked your absolute arse off, for once; muscle pain that tells you you’ve done it right, that you’ve done enough; muscle pain that your trainer is proud of you for having.

Then you remember that first session when the ‘I can’t do that’ turns into ‘next time I’ll do more’.

You evolve from a nervous walk into the gym to an ‘I’m ready to kick ass’ walk where you’re telling your trainer ‘let’s go’.

So yes, you’re getting stronger and lifting ‘heavy stuff’ which may have meant nothing to you back then, but now it’s to prove to yourself that you are stronger than you think and that you’re not going to break


Then we’ll take you out of the gym and put you back into the real world doing things that you would once have found an exhausting task or worse; you wouldn’t bother. 

Only now you do have the strength, the confidence and the body to hit everything you do with your head held high because you CAN do more and you’re NOT going to break.

So…what’s the difference between lifting 40kg compared to 100kg, other than being physically strong?


You are the difference. The journey is the difference. The confidence you grow because of the incredible things you achieve that you never thought were possible; the results that you never thought were possible – that is the difference between 40kg and 100kg.

Weighted dips

And that’s just what happens on the inside…the results UP produce every single day are deemed impossible but only by those that haven’t done it themselves.

So…shall we have a go?

Don’t wait around, don’t think of a reason not to do something about your health, your body and your ‘YOU’.

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