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Ultimate Performance London Mayfair Gym

Many things have been written about London’s Muscleworks Gym. Even more things have been said, and dare I say it, there have even been numerous whispers and rumours over the years. I thought I’d take the opportunity this morning to set the record straight and clarify once and for all the legend that is Muscleworks, the true bodybuilding Mecca of London.

At first glance, after the initial nervous walk up the chrome sided staircase and the quick walk past the vast array of photos and trophies of resident bodybuilding champions from past and present, Muscleworks can be an intimidating place. No other gym in London has the energy, the noise, and quite the same amount of testosterone bouncing off the walls. It’s a men only gym, the fairer sex are only allowed in the reception area where the proprietor, and in the interest of full disclosure, my good friend, Savvas Kyriacou, is always guaranteed to give them a warm and hospitable Greek style welcome.

Intimidation is soon replaced by inspiration however every newcomer is always the same small stares are soon replaced by big eyes and an excited smile as they realise that this is THE place where they can come to have a great workout, learn from friendly faces, and if they accidentally grunt during a heavy set of squats no one is going to complain to the gym manager! In fact Muscleworks is the complete anathema of most London gyms, bodybuilders are not shunned, members drop their weights, dumbbells don’t always get put away (not good, but we can deal with that), heaven forbid but people even sweat at Muscleworks and no jobsworth 20 year old trainee gym manager comes out and asks you to please not train so hard as it intimidates the geriatric ladies group as they vibrate on their power plates!

Yes, it’s not the prettiest London gym. It isn’t full of the latest gimmicks and there is no swimming pool or Muscleworks relaxation spa. Instead what you find is a place geared towards athletic performance, building muscle, getting stronger, and delivering results; a huge rarity in London where commerce has taken over the gym business and mainstream franchises like Fitness First refer to their customers as “units”. You are guaranteed great coaching, all the enthusiastic support that you could ever want, and a collegiate atmosphere that means a huge number of members date back 15-20 years plus! Do you think a Virgin Active gym could ever boast such loyalty?!

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