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Ultimate Performance Cheshire Gym Going From Strength to Strength After 12 Weeks

What a transformation it has been for our new Ultimate Performance Cheshire gym over the past 12 weeks!

Just three months ago, U.P. Cheshire first opened its doors to clients around Alderley in rural Cheshire, becoming Ultimate Performance’s first ever personal training facility outside a major city centre.

As such, U.P. Cheshire gym stands as a unique offering in the global U.P. business, which includes flagship international locations like Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong and Dubai.

For our founder and global CEO Nick Mitchell, opening in rural Cheshire was a labour of love and the realisation of a long-held goal to bring the world class body transformation results and the unique U.P. experience to the kinds of places where he grew up.

Now, 12 weeks on, Nick’s vision is really coming to fruition as U.P. Cheshire goes from strength to strength with a growing client base, a thriving training environment and some impressive transformation results coming through.

Since the official launch party in June, which welcomed guests from across Cheshire and TV stars including Gemma Atkinson, Gorka Marquez, Tina O’Brien and Sarah Jayne Dunn, the gym has generated a real buzz.

Mark Bohannon, who is the head of U.P. North, was delighted with the pace of progress since the opening.

“We opened in the first week of June, so we have been open nearly 12 weeks now and I think impressions of the gym so far have been great.

“Many clients already knew who U.P. were and what we are about, so when they come through the door they know exactly what to expect and they are geared up and ready to work to get results.

“I think people are genuinely pleased to have a gym of this calibre that is geared towards delivering results so close to home for places like Alderley, Knutsford, Wilmslow and Macclesfield.”

Mark is pleased with how quickly the gym has developed a great atmosphere and training environment that is fun but focussed.

“The Cheshire gym has a really nice atmosphere. It’s very relaxed in some senses, but there’s still that incredible focus on working hard and getting the results with the trainers and their clients that is a hallmark of every U.P. gym.”

Cheshire is far away from the metropolitan hustle and bustle, and Mark says this has given the gym a really unique feel that is qualitatively different from other gym locations like London City, Singapore and Sydney.

“There is a real community feel to the gym being out here in Alderley.

“Everybody knows each other and the team has got to know every client really quickly.

“It creates a really positive and convivial atmosphere to train in – it’s something we have always prided ourselves on in our Manchester gym, and so it’s great to see that culture already thriving here in Cheshire too.

“We have been getting lots of referrals from clients telling their friends and family to join, so this only adds to the community feel.”

It’s clear that word is spreading quickly about the gym and the results-driven training and nutrition methodologies of U.P.

Already, client numbers and personal training sessions are increasing week on week.

“Clients are enjoying the training and the atmosphere at the gym, and then bringing their partners or their parents down to train with us.

“We get a lot of husbands and wives, or mothers and daughters coming to train – it is great to see people achieving their goals together.

“Now summer is coming to an end and we’re heading into Autumn, more people are coming back from their holidays and wanting to train or start a transforming, so the gym is just getting busier and busier every week.”

More sessions and greater client numbers also mean the personal training team is growing too.

Mark has been impressed by how quickly the new team has gelled and inculcated the U.P. culture of hard work, results and success.

“Our personal training team is growing and developing all the time. It’s been really pleasing to see everyone working hard and the new team members really getting on board with what we’re trying to do.

“We have taken many of the elements that have made U.P. Manchester such a strong and successful gym, and been able to introduce them in Cheshire, so we have been able to hit the ground running.”

Our Saturday strongman sessions outside in the sunshine have been a really popular fixture with clients all summer.

“U.P. Cheshire is lucky to have some great outdoor space for training, which many of the other metropolitan U.P. gyms just don’t have,” said Mark.

“We have been using it all summer to provide our one-to-one clients with strongman training classes – a really challenging workout, but great fun for all our clients to train together in a group.”

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