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Transformations are ‘unhealthy?’ Look at Rachael’s glow

There are so-called trainers out there who say that “transformations” are unhealthy and not the right approach for PT clients. 

They say that they are “too fast”, focus too much on the exterior (in fact, we focus on the interior in order to better reflect a healthier exterior), and are unsustainable.

I could tell you that I disagree and you might say “what does Nick Mitchell know about Personal Training with regular folk who have regular lives?”. I’d say “quite a lot”, but maybe being about to open up UP on our fourth different continent is all a bit of luck.

If you are one of the Doubting Thomases, just look at this photo of the amazing Rachael.

Do not tell me that she is not healthier both inside and out. The confidence is glowing out of her. I love it! THIS is the reason why I’ve made so many sacrifices to work on a business that gives a platform and purpose for trainers to consistently produce life-changing results.

It simply doesn’t get better than this.


If you’re inspired by Rachael’s incredible transformation and want results like this on your own fitness journey, simply enquire below and see how UP can help you reach your goals…

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