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This London Personal Trainer Got a Six-Pack in 12 Weeks!

A London personal trainer got in the sharpest shape of his life on a 12-week body transformation with UP.

Michael carved out an incredible physique with an online personal training plan designed to get him super lean.

The 30-year-old trainer says he hadn’t been prioritising his own health and fitness, so took on the challenge to develop the kind of body that would make him a role model to his clients.

It took him just 12 weeks to transform his soft body into a lean and muscular physique on his UP plan.

Amazingly, his weight actually stayed the same at 130lbs, despite him shredding off layers of fat over the 12 weeks.

12-week OPT

12-week OPT

“The plan was not unrealistic or overly complicated, and it was laid out clearly,” he says. “If you are willing to be dedicated, not make excuses and work hard you can make amazing things happen.

“The progressions were simple and kept me making gains week to week. After about six weeks I found it was easier to say yes to putting my needs first, and the gains started to really show and after 12 weeks the results were impressive.

“My weight never changed, yet I ended up putting on muscle and losing fat. Some people say it is impossible to do, but if you do all the right things it is possible.”

The reason Michael came to UP was because of the worldwide reputation for incredible results.

He was looking for a personal training company that could set him up with an intelligent plan to get him in the shape of his life, that would free him up to execute it to the highest standard.

The results speak for themselves.

OPT 12 weeks

“Working as a personal trainer I found myself putting myself second and overloading my plate with saying yes to too many things.

“My body and mind were not where I wanted them to be, so I knew what I needed to do.

“I need to put myself first and the centre of attention.  I set a 12-week goal to take my fitness to the next level and to be a role model.

“I needed a coach so I didn’t have to overthink or plan anything. I could just focus on the execution.

“I was looking for someone with a successful track record and a well thought out and educated plan. I decided Ultimate Performance was the perfect fit.”

OPT 12 weeks

He trained online under the guidance of UP trainer Matt Milles who used a carb cycling approach in line with the style of training he was doing.

Michael was weight training five days a week – with two strength-focused days and three that were geared up for hypertrophy.

His training volume was increased for six weeks along with the amount of carbs in his diet.

Then the final six weeks was all about reducing the carbs, upping the cardio and stripping off as much body fat as possible for his photo shoot.

Go Ruck Challenge

“One of my favourite parts of the 12-week plan was the positive feedback and weekly check-ins to help keep my mind in it to win it,” he says.

“After the 12 weeks, I ended up doing something called a ‘Go Ruck Challenge’. It was a 12-hour overnight event from 9 pm to 9 am where we covered 32 km in the cold and rain, while carrying sandbags and 4×4 wood planks of wood.

“The goal was to give us a night in the life of a marine.”

He added: “The online training helped me reclaim putting myself first and get in the best shape I’ve ever been in, while respecting my time.”

If you want incredible results like Michael in the minimum time, why not check out UP’s Online Personal Training plans, or chat directly to UP about your physique and fitness goals on the form below…

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