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The Science & Art of Personal Training

Any good personal trainer should know how vital it is to stay ahead of the game and keep up with the latest advances in exercise and nutritional theory. Yet it would seem to me that so many are too lazy to even bother. Perhaps its a London thing and the personal trainers here can get away with knowing less as the “fitness lifestyle” is less pervasive and mainstream than in the States or Canada. Whatever the reason its bloody frustrating!

Our London based business at Ultimate Performance is booming and so I am meeting with a number of professional personal trainers every week in order to bring the best possible people into the company. Some would suggest that I am too exacting in my standards, but as things stand right now I have found only 3 people out of approximately 40 whom I think are up to scratch! The rest are hopeless. A good personal trainer needs to grasp that training and coaching a client is both a science and an art. It takes education via books, and it takes education via years of putting in the hard yards in the gym / on the athletic track. Its a cliche it say that there is no substitute for experience, but in this game never was a truer word uttered.

Ok, rant over – if you want to read a little more about what makes a great personal trainer you can read this article at my main Ultimate Performance website.

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