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Q&A: Leg Cramps? Best Training Splits?


Nick, when I run long distances, my calves always get cramp, meaning I can’t run for a week after that. How come and what am I doing wrong? Should I just sack off running altogether?


Don’t be silly, unless you have a pre existing injury that is forcing you to run incorrectly (thereby straining your calves unduly) there is absolutely no reason for you not to run because of muscle cramps.

A cramp occurs when a contracted muscle fails to relax due to what is called “hyperexcitability” of the nerves of the muscle.


Nick, I go to the gym and do 3 weights sessions a week. I’m trying to put on a bit of muscle, but am unsure how to structure my sessions. Should I work each muscle group in every session (one exercise per muscle group),or should I divide it up, for example work half the muscle groups intensely in alternate sessions. While I prefer to work less groups intensely each session, it means that each muscle group gets trained less frequently per week. Do you have any advice?’


What you have to remember is that when it comes to effective muscle building there is no “one perfect routine”. In fact, the best workout is the always the one that you are yet to do, because your body adapts rapidly to set routines and can plateau very easily. Haven’t you noticed all those people at your gym who make great gains when they start and then don’t change for the next three years?! This is why all of us, even myself, can benefit from working with a good coach from time to time to ensure that we don’t get stuck into that all too common rut.

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