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Nick Mitchell’s Success Tips #6

If you’re too lazy to make a plan then do yourself a favour and admit that you’re too lazy to ever succeed.

I don’t care what your goal is – it could be building a business or just losing 10lbs – if you want to make things happen you have to plan ahead.

In case you were wondering, a plan is not a dream or a hope.  A plan is a clearly defined method of action to help you achieve a specific set of goals.

You don’t have to map all the minutiae out to the decimal point of detail. In fact, I’ve somehow managed to build a global business without ever writing out a “proper” business plan (I hate them, they are too rigid and for me merely an exercise in self-indulgent speculation), but I’ve always had a plan and always know the next few steps that I need to take in order to succeed.

In fact, whilst I still have an overarching, long-term plan for UP, my relative short-term plans involve nailing our new online coaching program, properly launching our oft-delayed supplements line, and ensuring UP Los Angeles is a roaring success.

If all goes well, that’s a year of focus and then my next goal is to devote three hours a day from 6am-9am, six days a week, to writing a novel. That’s always been a lifelong aspiration of mine, but finally, I feel that I have the “plan” to make it happen.

Getting in shape requires the exact same mindset. As I’ve written previously, you have to break down your goals into attainable bite-sized pieces, all with the mindset that you’re moving towards a specific set outcome.

The people who fail in the gym, usually the weekend warriors and the New Year’s resolution hordes, are the same people who fail in business. They get a vague idea in their heads and then they spin their wheels for a bit before petering out into failure and obscurity. 

Planning ahead is what keeps you focused. We all meander and get distracted, but knowing the steps that you have to take, as opposed to hoping that the next step takes you roughly in the right direction, are totally different self-motivational tools. 

Make your dream a plan. There’s no other way to succeed.

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