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Nick Mitchell: What You Want to Hear vs. What You Need to Hear

I’m in the results business, not the fitness business.

The fitness business is almost entirely focused on making money by giving as little back as possible. If you doubt my words, then dig a bit deeper into the commercial gym model and how they do their best to operate at a 10% usage rate.

That doesn’t mean 10% of members using the gym at any one time.  It means 10% of members using the gym at all!

I’m as much of a capitalist as the next man, but that’s a pretty horrific business model. I can only look myself in the eye when I think I am providing value and standards, and I sincerely believe that if you take care of that, then money and commercial success will follow.

The books that I’ve written are a direct reflection of this philosophy.  It would have been very easy to write an everyman/everywoman book that promised big results with small, easy changes.  But I’m not a bullsh*tter, and I just can’t see a sow’s ear and call it a silk purse.

The way to make it to the very top in fitness publishing is to tell people what they want to hear, not what they need to hear. That’s the reason why the publishing phenomenon of the past few years has had the slogan “eat more, move less, lose fat“.  It’s right out of the Barnum & Bailey playbook, and it works because the majority of people want the easy shortcut.

Getting in shape and achieving tangible results in a short space of time is not easy. It requires persistence, commitment and a certain amount of sacrifice. My books have sold well because I have told this truth and offered a clear blueprint on how to progress, but paradoxically they will never go mainstream for the exact reason that they have also done well.

If you want some no-frills, straight-talking routines, diets and explanations on what it takes to get into the shape of your life, then pop over to Amazon and see if one of my books can’t help you.

I’d like to think that everyone could take some benefit from them no matter what level of fitness and body composition they are currently at.

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