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Nick Mitchell: The Secrets of Fitness Success

It’s been over a decade now since I began my life as a Personal Trainer. And about 2 or 3 years longer than that since I started hanging out in gyms and around ‘fitness people’. I’ve worked with clients of just about every fitness level you can imagine – from those who could barely walk from one end of the gym to the other when they started out, right through to elite athletes at the national level. I’ve listened to people’s heartache and I’ve heard their determination to succeed.

I’ve seen couch slugs become gym junkies or even fellow Fitness Professionals, watched people take control of their physical self in such a way that their entire life is impacted, and I’ve helped more than a few clients to sculpt and re-model their bodies in a way they never dreamed possible.
But for every person who changes their body and their life there’s at least one more who never quite gets there. Who comes to the gym or works out at home, eats pretty well, is ‘up’ on the latest health & fitness trends, and yet never really seems to change. In fact, in some cases, they even become less fit, more overweight, and more unhealthy.

The truth is that working out and eating ‘well’ just doesn’t cut it when it comes to getting into phenomenal shape. Certainly those two things are incredibly important to your success, but they’re really just the beginning. If you’re struggling to reach your health & fitness potential, or if you know that the success you’ve achieved so far is only the beginning, then listen up. ‘Cause I’m going to share with you some of the most powerful secrets of people who are in fantastic shape.

Now it’s only fair to warn you – a couple of these pointers might seem a little hard to swallow at first. But who ever said success was easy? It’s a daily commitment and sometimes one that’s darn hard to stick to. Until you start to unleash the power of incredible change, that is. Until you look in the mirror and realise that you’ve shed the old you and released the ‘real’ you. That you’ve actually got to where you wanted to be. And that this success is really only just the beginning.

Secrets Of People Who Are In Fantastic Shape

They don’t do ‘if’, ‘but’ or ‘maybe’. Think back over the past couple of weeks. All good intentions aside, how would you assess your ‘shape up’ behaviour? Have you missed any workouts? Given less than your all when you did hit the gym (track, etc)? Eaten as well as you planned to? How about sleep? Have you had enough?
I know, I know. You’re busy. And I’m sure you had your reasons. But let me tell you something – and this is the most important thing I’ve got to say.

People who are in fantastic shape would have done it anyway. At least 90% of the time. It doesn’t matter if:

  • They’re tired
  • They get stuck at work
  • Their family or friends are demanding their time
  • They don’t feel well
  • They have their period
  • They get home too late to prepare healthy meals

They just do it. To these people, not exercising or not eating well would be like not breathing. It’s not something they even consider. It’s just who they are – they’ve made up their mind that success is a habit more than a choice. Day after day, after week, after month, after year. And it shapes their life. Figuratively and certainly literally. Sound too hard? You’re thinking too much. Just make it happen. Think I don’t understand your excuses? Maybe you’re right. But I do know this – regardless of the stresses of your life, being in a state of greater health can do nothing but help.

Results like these take an enormous degree of commitment

12 month transformation results

The secrets to being in fantastic shape – intensity, focus and commitment.

They’re focused on the big picture. People with the body or fitness of your dreams aren’t focussed on this week or this month or even this year. They’re not telling themselves that if they can just commit for the next few weeks than they’ll be able to relax. They’re not even thinking about that! Sure, they might have short-term goals for their health and fitness, or they might even be training for a competition or event, but that’s just not their only reason for doing what they do. It’s more of a product of the person they are – a person who is determined to feel and look their best, and committed to the daily development of their physical and mental self.
Are you that person? Could you choose to be? It really is that simple. You make up your mind. And you do it. Without fail.

People who’re in fantastic shape know when to quit. Sure, they’re consistent with exercise and healthy food habits and they don’t let excuses get in their way. But people who are in great shape know when enough is enough. They’ve learned to tell the difference between not really feeling like making the effort versus realising it’s time for a break. So when they spend the day lazing around, or when they go out for a big indulgent meal, it’s because they trust that they’ve put in the effort to deserve the break. As a result, they enjoy these indulgences without an accompanying guilt-trip. Which makes it all the easier to get back to the routine the next day. And get back to it they do – these are the people who have no trouble at all quitting when it’s necessary, but never do they let it become a habit.

They never stop believing. It doesn’t matter how great shape a person is in, they too have days when they don’t feel like it. Or when living a healthy lifestyle is just plain hard work. When it hurts, or it’s boring, or they just don’t feel like it. So what is it that keeps them going? It sure ain’t the knowledge that they’ve burned another 100 or so calories. It’s not the idea that they’ve toned their arms that little bit more. Sure, they do focus on these and other ‘sub-goals’, but the thing that really keeps them going is the knowledge that they’re worth it. That they’re capable. That they can and will be successful. That it’s the combined effort of another day, another week, another month, another year that truly does ensure they look and feel their very best.

The take home message here is that this article does not have to be about ‘them’. It is, in actual fact, about you. Whether or not you’re already ‘there’. Because the truth is that when you put all that we’ve just talked about together and implement it into your life, you really can create a lifetime of health and energy. And maybe, just maybe, the body of your dreams to go with it.
And wouldn’t that be worth it?

Article written by Kat Eden of BodyIncredible.

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