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Jenny’s Fitness Journey: Week 12) The Final Push

Well, I’ve done it – 84 days of discipline, diet and training my butt off and I feel on top of the world! Now I’m in the final week.

My photo shoot is actually scheduled for the weekend, so I’ll be snapping my ‘after’ photographs today and then have just a couple more days of sticking to my diet before I have to strike a pose in front of the camera.

If I’m honest, I’m really nervous about the shoot now. To have a goal to work towards has kept me focused but now the countdown to ‘shoot day’ is almost over and I’m just looking forward to seeing those final images that will hopefully capture all of the hard work and dedication I’ve put into this process over the 12 weeks.

pendulum squat - Jenny's transformation


My final training sessions were brilliant this week – not so much about lifting the heaviest weights but more about volume and high reps to get my muscles looking their best.

In all honesty, it feels like a very bittersweet celebration.

Is This Really The End?

To know that I’ve reached the end and achieved so much is so satisfying but knowing that I won’t have my sessions with my Personal Trainer to spur me on any longer is very strange indeed. My routine will inevitably change, but I intend to keep going with the new positive habits I’ve developed and to stick to my meal prep for the majority of the week as I’ve grown to love it.

I’m ready for a little downtime – some rest and recovery – but then I want to get back to it and keep developing on the foundations that have been laid with my transformation, and I’ll be asking my trainer for a program to follow by myself for the future.

The best part about UP is that I know I won’t just be left to fend for myself. I’m looking forward to taking my new found confidence and strength, and under the watchful supervision of the trainers at UP continue to push myself to hit new goals. 

Progress doesn’t stop just because you’ve set yourself a challenge or deadline, there’s always a new goal to achieve and I can’t wait to carry on and see exactly how strong I can get.

Shoulder training - Jenny's transformation


Lots of my friends and family have been asking what I’ll do afterwards, and all I know at the moment is that I want to keep making progress and keep myself inspired. It’s been so empowering to see my progress in the weights room – I feel genuinely strong.

It has been great to be able to go into a commercial gym once or twice during the process, and to feel confident sitting on a bench in the free-weights area amongst the men. I say that, as it seems that this area is still mostly populated by men in the gym, and I’d like to think that I can encourage other women to get involved and not worry about the many gym myths surrounding women and weights.

Lifting weights makes you strong and lean – FACT. I can honestly say that I have never been so happy with how I look in the mirror.

Why It’s So Much More Than Just a Physical Transformation 

This process has been all about pushing myself and testing my discipline, but along the way I’ve reshaped my physique, reshaped my mentality towards diet and food and grown a whole lot of confidence.

In my pre-transformation interview I remember saying that I wanted to feel comfortable enough with my body to wear a sports bra on the gym floor, and this weekend I’ll be doing exactly that (and sharing the images on social media!)

Flexing - Jenny's transformation

I can’t recommend UP enough when I talk about my journey. The support I’ve received from day 1 to day 84 has been phenomenal. Every question has been answered, every niggle or discomfort has been quickly addressed and every session I’ve had has been exactly right for me on that particular day.

I’ve been pushed outside my comfort zone but never past a point that I wasn’t happy to go to – if that makes sense.

I like to think that I have a lot of grit and determination when I train, and so I’m more than happy to be pushed well past the limits of standard training but if ever I’ve felt a twinge or felt genuinely uncertain about something I’ve felt more than comfortable voicing that and knowing I’ll be listened to.

There’s no bullying or aggression at UP, just an intense focus on you and your abilities – and your potential. A good trainer will see your potential and help you to fulfil it, but at UP the trainers go one step further and help you to believe in your potential, from day 1.

I’ve spent several years training in various different ways and never quite achieved the results I wanted when it comes to my body and my appearance.

I’ve felt strong, I’ve felt fierce and I’ve felt tough but not necessarily ever reached a place I’ve been happy with consistently when it comes to my physique. After years of trying various ways of training and eating, just 84 days with the world class experts at UP has finally got me to a place where I can truly love my body again.

deadlift - Jennys transformation

Stay tuned for the results, and a big thank you to everyone for the support over my journey for the last three months – it’s been wonderful.

If you’ve been inspired by Jenny’s Transformation, get in touch below and start your very own journey. It’s time to finally get the results you’ve always dreamed of.

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