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How to Get Slimmer Thighs in 8 Weeks

I’ve called this blog post the terribly commercially sounding “How to Get Slimmer Thighs in 8 Weeks” only because I want to draw the attention of women who think that results like “slimmer thighs” are beyond them. I do understand the female frustration with the gym and the idea of getting results because they fed a line of bewildering commercial messages about what a woman should like (far worse than men have it), there is so so much bulls**t fed to women via the mainstream press about how they should exercise and eat for fat loss/weight loss (I do not like to call people out on this blog but the lamentable advice of Tracy Anderson is just so wrong as to make me think she is playing a big comic trick on the world), and the hard fact is that because of hormonal issues, a lower likelihood of a sporting background, and the long term ill-conceived dietary habits (skipping too many meals etc) results are very often much harder for women than for men.

Now that I have thoroughly depressed all the ladies who read this blog, cast your eyes back to the photo that accompanies today’s post and try appreciate how much can be achieved if you knuckle down to the right program and have the right attitude. In just 8 weeks “R” gained control of her body, got her “slimmer thighs” (really just the superficial tip of the iceberg in terms of the genuine benefits that she felt) in a way that she had probably never dreamed of. But you don’t need to hear this in my words. I will let her tell you directly:

“Hi Nick – I am unrecognisable from the girl who joined UP back in October both physically and mentally and that is absolutely down to the support and guidance from a team of people and an environment you have created. The money I pay for my Personal Training sessions is not from a ‘pot’ of disposable income that I can just throw around, it’s taken from elsewhere at a sacrifice of other things based on my priorities which is a testament to what a great job you (and your team) do day in day out that keeps me signing up for more.  

I could not be more delighted with the results I have seen after training with both Pedro Upton and Barry. I am sure I am typical of many women who come to train at UP but with my history of adrenal fatigue and metabolic issues it has inevitably been a slow winding road to success. Aesthetically I can see changes in my body as we creep towards the body fat % goal I have and coupled with that there has been an improvement in energy, digestion and a return of my monthly cycle after it going AWOL for 4 months. My strength is improving and I am hitting training goals I had set to achieve by the end of this year already. This is absolutely a long term lifestyle change for me and so it’s important the things we implement are easily maintainable as part of my life. The eating plan that has been put together for me is a great example of this and allows a much more “normal” existence in terms of introducing more variety, flexibility and a move to improving my metabolism for longer term results rather than a quick win in the present. Your trainers are knowledgeable, realistic and “get it”. Frankly, they are bloody fantastic!”

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