GABA: A Growth Hormone Precursor or a Sleep Aid?

A nutritional supplement question on GABA from my London personal training Q&A Group:

Question: “I’m a gym newbie and have been reading up on different supplemenst & have come across a product called GABA which apparantly increases Growth Hormone Levels as well as giving you a more in depth sleep.
I understand that GABA is becoming less available in the UK on the basis of it changing body shape, even though it hasn’t been scientificly proven.”

Answer: I’ve tried GABA yes… it has been proven to raise endogenous levels of GH but I have never seen anyone benefit from actual physical growth from GABA use.

What I do find it very useful for is as a sleep aid. When some clients diet hard they find it hard to sleep and this does assist if they have 3 or so grams 30 minutes before going to bed.
So as a sleep aid GABA has some benefits – something which shouldn’t ever be overlooked from a body composition perspective – remember that SLEEP IS NOT A LUXURY, ITS A NECESSITY.

As a GH precursor GABA is next to useless though – although the argument goes that the improved quality of sleep should increase the body’s natural production of Growth Hormone.

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