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Father-of-Two Joe Is Fit at 40 After 12-Week Transformation

London father-of-two Joe has kickstarted his health and leaned up in just 12 weeks with his Ultimate Performance personal trainer.

Before starting at UP, 40-year-old Joe was eating your typical convenience food-based diet with too much refined sugar and a lack of protein. 

Like so many busy parents working long and stressful hours, he was having cereal for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch.

But within just two weeks of starting his new training and diet plan, he started noticing dramatic results.

Joe, who works in the construction industry, admits his new physique was worth the hard work and effort – and he’s already looking to step up his training even further with UP to build more muscle mass.

Construction worker transformation

Male transformation back shot

What made you come to UP for help?

“I originally signed up to the 12-week plan with Ultimate Performance to give me the kick start I needed to get back in shape.

“A young family, stressful job, long hours and a lot of entertaining had taken its toll on my physique, and as I was rapidly approaching 40 years old, I decided enough was enough.”


Did you have any concerns?

“When I first started the programme I was pretty apprehensive as I had been out of the gym for over a year.

“My trainer Matt soon put me at ease with his friendly positive attitude and really took the time to explain exactly what I could expect over the coming months.”

After a couple of sessions, I was hooked and began to see instant results from a combination of the training programme and diet UP had put together for me.


Was the process difficult?

I am not going to pretend it was easy, but my personal trainer knew exactly how far he could push me to get the most out of my sessions, and his constant encouragement and positive attitude helped me squeeze out those last few reps as ‘they are the ones that count’.

Matt has spent countless hours correcting my technique on various lifts and exercises and his patience and knowledge have been invaluable in my progress.

What is next for you?

I have been so pleased with the results I have signed up for another 50 sessions and cannot recommend Matt and UP highly enough; if you are prepared to put in the effort and listen to the expert advice they provide.

If you’re inspired to get incredible results like Joe, simply enquire on the form below to see how UP can help you achieve your fitness and physique goals…

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