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Estro Support: UP Supplement Guide

Estro Support contains several ingredients selected for their ability to promote the effective and efficient detoxification of natural and unnatural byproducts from estrogen and toxins in the body. The active ingredients are natural plant extracts concentrated to levels that cannot feasibly be taken by consuming vegetables alone.

What is it for?

Estro Support is made from all natural ingredients to support the natural balance of estrogen and other endogenous and exogenous hormone molecules in the body though healthy metabolism.

Improved estrogen metabolism helps:

  • Detox your body (both men and women!)
  • Reduce cellulite caused by estrogen by-products
  • Stabilise mood swings and hormonal swings (reduces PMS!)
  • Good for lower-body fat loss (in women)
  • Boost energy levels related to hormone changes

Why does healthy metabolism of estrogen matter?

You probably know that there are drugs calls SERMs (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator) that act differently on different types of estrogen receptors. But did you know that different metabolites can act differently as well?

We know that some metabolites cause issues with mood, but more importantly can also cause more potential issues such as breast and uterine cancer.

What other benefits does Estro Support have?

As well as supporting healthy estrogen metabolism the ingredients in Estro Support has many benefits, including reduced systemic inflammation (including cellulite), reduced risk of diabetes, reduced hypertension, relieved intestinal issues, reduced chronic pain and many more.

Can men take Estro Support?

Of course! Just because it has the word Estro in the name doesn’t mean it’s going to increase estrogen in men. In fact the detox benefits apply to other toxins in the body just as much as estrogen, including the harmful by-products from alcohol consumption.


How does it work?

The 5 ingredients in Estro Support work synergistically and individually to support healthy estrogen metabolism.

  1. LONGVIDA CURCUMIN – Increases the effectiveness of detox enzymes in the liver as well as reducing the pain, nausea and cramps related to symptoms of PMS.
  2. DIM (DIINDOLYLMETHANE) – Inhibits many type of tumour cells including some types of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Increases the metabolite 2-hydroxyestrone and reduces other metabolites including carcinogenic 16alpha-hydroxyestrone.
  3. SULPHORAPHANE – Protects against oxidative damage, inflammation and carcinogenesis by inducing phase-2 detoxification, inhibiting certain CyP450 enzymes and inducing apoptosis in potential cancer cells.
  4. RESVERATROL – Reduces oxidative stress and inflammation for general health and improves insulin sensitivity to help prevent blood sugar swings and the tiredness associated with it.
  5. CALCIUM D-GLUCARATE – Helps make sure toxins are ejected from the body by preventing bacteria from recycling toxins that have been modified for removal in the bowels.

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