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Dimitrios Took Just 13 Weeks To Build The Ultimate Body

When you want to forge the ultimate physique, nothing will stand in your way.

Dimitrios is proof that you can still build the body of your dreams no matter what obstacles you face.

Former sprinter Dimitrios had suffered injuries before which hampered his training and believed that he didn't have the spare time to be able to get the body he wanted.

But UP's famous mantra of 'maximum results, minimum time' helped him carve out a truly impressive physique in just 13 weeks.

Working with a dedicated personal trainer to optimise his training and nutrition helped him achieve the exceptional body transformation in a matter of weeks.

He went from nearly 17% body fat down to a shredded 9% body fat and dropped more than 6kg in body weight.

"I feel healthier and stronger in body and mind," he says. "It's not all about the looks, but at the end, I could finally see my six-pack!"

Before he started his transformation journey with UP, Dimitrios didn't think he would be able to achieve the results he wanted.

"I thought that having a very busy professional life, I wouldn't be able to find time for training. The guys at UP though will find the best way to build a schedule around your availability."

While he has a very busy professional career, Dimitrios also thought an old injury would stop him from being able to train efficiently and effectively.

He explains: "A previous injury while surfing (ruptured Achilles tendon) was a factor that made me think that I wouldn't be able to do it."

But UP's expert personal trainers helped create a training programme that would enable him to get the results he wanted without any discomfort or issues with his Achilles tendon.

In fact, Dimitrios found that the tailored training programme was not only safe with his history of injury, but was both challenging and enjoyable too.

"I thought that gym would be boring for me. I never use to train indoors. Being a sprinter in the past, my main training involved everything outdoors. 

"It was such a big surprise as my PT James made every session interesting and pushed me to my limit."

One thing that his trainer taught him was the sky is the limit – and something that he says has helped maximise his results.

"I found out that I could train harder than I thought," he says. "I achieved maximum results in just 13 weeks.

"I am a lot happier with the way I look; I have a good knowledge regarding nutrition and regular training is now part of my lifestyle."

The physical results speak for themselves. But Dimitrios says his 13 weeks at UP has changed far more than his appearance.

"It has been a life-changing experience. I have made new friends and improved my fitness beyond expectations. 

"I would definitely recommend UP. Basically, they know their stuff! The trainers at UP will get you to your goals! Simple as that."

Want maximum results in minimum time like Dimitrios? Speak to us about our Personal Training Plans or Book Your Consultation Now!

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