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Dentist Forged A New Physique Losing 17kg in 20 Weeks

A London dentist shredded his body fat and forged a new physique in just 20 weeks with Ultimate Performance.

Alkesh, who is in his mid-40s, came to UP because he wanted to finally change his body composition and gain back control over his health.

“I was unhappy with how I looked and felt,” he explains. “I wanted a change which I believed that only UP were experienced and focused enough on delivering amazing results. Safe to say I have not been disappointed.”

The father-of-two had never lifted weights before in his life – but in just 20 weeks he made years’ worth of progress on his physique.

When he started at UP he weighed just under 90kg (14 stone) and his body fat was around 35%.

But with an intelligent nutrition plan and well-executed training programme from his UP Personal Trainer, he was able to lose 17kg (2.6 stone) in weight and shred his body fat down to a lean 13.4%.

20-week transformation UP


His own transformation inspired his children to be more health conscious which was one of his main motivations throughout the process.

The two biggest changes for Alkesh coming to UP were lifting weights for the first time, which helped him build muscle kickstart his fat loss, while also making huge changes in his diet.

But these two changes in lifestyle and the way he was training brought incredible results.

Before he started at UP he would regularly live off convenience food – having croissants and coffee for breakfast; a sandwich, crisps and fizzy drink for lunch; and a meal out or a takeaway for dinner.

20 week transformation side view

His meal plan at UP was simple and effective and was key to getting him maximum results in minimum time.

Out went the takeaway food and in came high-protein foods like chicken, steak and eggs, alongside healthy fats and lots of green vegetables.

You can see the results of his hard work and dedication in his amazing before and after photos.

What does Alkesh feel he has achieved in 20 weeks with UP? “Tremendous confidence in how I look good now and how much better,” he says. “I regularly receive compliments from others about how happy I look now that I have taken control over my health.

“UP are very professional, encouraging and allows you to train in a supportive environment. UP will deliver results that’s would normally take years in a matter of weeks. Its a no brainer! However, it is not a walk in a park and the training is tough.”

Bicep training

Alkesh has been motivated by his incredible results to keep progressing on his transformation journey with UP and is already on a new package and setting new goals with his trainer.

What are his goals? He says: “Better definition in my upper body and to continue my journey training under Harry’s guidance. I cannot wait to see how I’ll look in the next 12 weeks and beyond! I am genuinely enjoying the process of improving myself every week and I cannot see myself stopping anytime soon.”

Alkesh’s results are testament to his hard work in the gym and in the kitchen, but they’re proof of what can be achieved in such a short period of time with UP’s world-class personal trainers.

If you’ve been inspired by Alkesh’s journey and want incredible body transformation results of your own speak to us about our Personal Training plans, or simply enquire on the form below and tell us your goals.

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