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City Worker Yves Got Abs in Six Weeks at 52

A 52-year-old IT consultant took just six weeks to forge an impressive six-pack during his Ultimate Performance body transformation.

The busy City worker lost more than 10kg and halved his body fat down to a shredded 11.4% working with UP's world-leading personal trainers.

The father-of-two had spent nearly a decade trying in vain to get the physique he wanted. He tried everything from CrossFit to one-to-one training, but nothing got him the results he wanted.

However, it was a health scare that made Yves realise he needed to make drastic changes to his health and fitness for the sake of his two children.

"I decided that wasn’t acceptable and needed to get fit," he says. "I do this at my age of 52 to actually stay alive to see my children grow up.

"That was my original intention, but when you see what you can achieve at UP it changes your goals, you try and be the best you can possibly be."

He added: "Coming to UP with the coaching and the way they push you means my fitness levels have gone through the roof." 

UP's tailored approach to training and nutrition got instantaneous results for Yves as you can see in these incredible shots taken just six weeks apart…

6 weeks Male transformation

6 week male transformation back

Yves might be 52 – but at UP age is just a number. It's something that he has come to realise; that you can achieve incredible things, regardless of your age, sex or work schedule.

"I don’t consider age when I’m training – to be the best I can possibly be is a huge motivator. People don’t believe my age and don’t believe how fit I am."

Even his long working hours haven't stood in the way of his progress – and it's the same with thousands more busy professionals UP has worked with.

"You're never too busy to train," he says. "I start at the office at 6 am and leave at 6 pm so that I have the time to train."

Yves is already forging ahead with his transformation journey, setting himself new goals and constantly pushing the limits of what he thought possible.

"I thought I knew how to do everything," he says. "I’ve had one-to-one coaching, done CrossFit and many other forms of fitness.

"I didn’t realise that everything I was doing wasn’t right, I didn’t realise my lifting technique was incorrect.

"Having had it corrected, my training style is far better. I have achieved far more in the last year than I did the five or 10 years before that by learning to lift correctly, eat correctly and also doing as I’m told."

Training hard

A huge part of the rapid success of clients in achieving their goals is UP's bespoke nutrition plans, designed to get maximum results in minimum time.

While it has been a challenging part of Yves' transformation journey, it's something that he has come to enjoy.

"I didn’t know how difficult it would be and the cravings that kicked in afterwards. It was very enjoyable because I had a lot of support from the coaches who were also doing a transformation for a photo shoot at the time. 

"The coaches could see it in my face when I might waver slightly and they would give you the support you needed."

One of the big things Yves noticed about the way UP's elite PTs operate is their incredible attention to detail to optimise the gains from every rep, every set and every session.

"I watch the one-to-one training at commercial gyms now and its good, but the difference is the attention that UP trainers give you.

"They’re ensuring that everything is done correctly and correcting the minute little changes that need to be made to actually do the exercise properly. 

"My whole training style has changed, everything is slower and it’s all about the attention to detail. 

"I thought I was fit, I was happy and I just wanted to take it to the next level. I didn’t realise at that point what that next level was and what I’ve achieved now far exceeds what I ever thought was possible."

Client training at Ultimate Performance

What Yves has already achieved at the age of 52 is incredible – he's fitter, stronger and leaner than he's been in years.

But seeing the results of his hard work and how effective an intelligent training and nutrition programme can be, has only motivated him more to train hard and keep progressing in the gym. 

Now he has new goals in his sights at UP and he believes there is no limit to what he can achieve. 

"My current training is to put on weight and what I expect to achieve I can’t even dream of, but we will do it.

"My coach understands my goals and what motivates me and pushes me in that direction and pushes very hard. 

"The only thing I would change is that I would have joined UP years before. I’m so pleased to have found the coaching intensity, the coaching level and the professionalism of the guys and girls here."

If you're inspired by Yves and want exceptional body transformation results like this of your own, simply enquire with us below and see how UP can help achieve your goals…

Training in the gym

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