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Arthur’s 12-Week U.P. Body Transformation

How long have you wanted to get in truly incredible shape?

So many people spend a lifetime chasing a goal that always eludes them – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

For Arthur it was the same – he had been on a seven-year journey trying to complete the body transformation he simply thought was impossible.

But what he achieved after just 12 weeks’ training with Ultimate Performance proves that getting in the best shape of your life is within everybody’s reach.

12-week transformation


The difference in Arthur’s fitness, physique and health is mind-blowing – particularly when he thinks back to his overweight and unhappy 23-year-old self who lived off crisps, sweets and beer.

You only have to look at this photo comparing the two side by side to see what Lithuanian-born Arthur means when he says he’s a completely different ‘person’.


“I’ve just finished my 12-week transformation and I feel like a different person. It’s amazing. I’m still getting used to my new body.

“Every morning I wake up and look in the mirror and think ‘oh! Is that me?’ I couldn’t imagine this transformation would go so well.

“Now I feel like I’ve got the perfect body for myself. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking forward to for many years.”

The 30-year-old videographer wanted to recreate this photograph of himself after seven years to show just how radical his physical transformation has been.

“Seven years ago I was a different person, he says. “You can see it from the photo. Some people now can’t recognise me.

“They say ‘who is that guy? Is that really you?’ I showed some pictures to my friends and they can’t believe it was me.

“It’s motivating seeing that. When I see myself in that picture I can’t even believe it’s me – it feels like a different life. 

“It’s not just a new body though, it’s a new mindset. It feels like I’ve started a new life.

“I feel like I am stronger not only physically but mentally and more successful as a person. I am so different and so far away from that person in the past there is no way that I could go back there.”

12-week transformation


Battling to lose weight…

Back then he weighed 115kg, ate and drank whatever he wanted and thought he could never get in shape.

“So my diet was different. I can’t even say it was a diet at all. It was just eat everything you see, drink everything you want.

“So like beer, crisps and all the sweet stuff. I’ve got a really sweet tooth. My weight was 115kg. I have no idea what my body fat was because I never measured it.

“But I can tell I was quite fat at that time. I felt different.”

He says that even his mother thought he was genetically predisposed to be overweight and unfit.

He says that now even she can’t believe how much he has changed since then.

12-week transformation

“My mother, she was so excited when she saw me doing this transformation because she never thought that I was able to get that V shape or abs.

“She thought that genetically I was different and when she saw my back she said ‘wow Arthur! I didn’t think this was possible! I did understand you can grow muscle, but the shape is totally different. It’s amazing!’

But Arthur’s transformation demonstrates that genetics has very little to do with getting in shape – anyone can achieve the results he has with an intelligent nutrition and training plan, consistency in the gym and in the kitchen, and the guidance of an expert PT.

What a difference 30kg makes…

He has lost an incredible 30kg from the day that photo was taken until he completed his transformation at UP.

But Arthur says it was the last 84 days of that period that have proved to be the most life-changing.

It took him just three months to halve his body fat, build a lean and muscular physique and carve out a set of abs he had always hoped for.

“I feel much more confident and I feel much happier. I feel like I can do much more. I just feel like I’ve just completed one of my biggest challenges so now I know I can do something more. That’s a great feeling.

“I’m 30 years old and I was 23 at that time so it’s a great feeling knowing the fact that getting older I’m getting better as well.”

12-week transformation


The changes to his body happened so fast…

One of the most surprising things about working with a personal trainer at UP was just how fast he started seeing the result of his tailored training and nutrition plan.

It was just a few weeks before he started to see his body changing before his eyes.

“I think the first results came after a few weeks when I lost about 4kg.  It was so quick I couldn’t believe that when I stepped up on the scales. 

“Because some people always say they’re trying to lose weight but when they step on the scales they’re always stuck on the same number – or they’re eating less and they’re still on the same number.

“It wasn’t a big challenge to be honest for those first few weeks, I just started following the diet plan which my personal trainer gave to me and I lost 4kg straight away. I expected it to be more difficult to be honest.”

Arthur says that finally seeing results from his training and dieting, and seeing the changes happening every week was incredibly motivating.

The training sessions were tougher and more intense than anything he’d ever done previously – but he could see they worked.

“After the sessions, you feel like a star. You’re pumped you can see your muscles and it motivates you.

“That’s the best motivation when you see yourself in the mirror or you see those numbers or results. 

“You know that you’re growing and you know you’re getting leaner. You know it’s working. And if it’s working then why not continue?

“So, it’s like the best feedback. It’s difficult to do something if you can’t see any results or changes because you’re thinking you’re wasting your time.”

12-week transformation

Two key things that helped get Arthur real results…

One of the things that really surprised Arthur during his 12-week transformation was just how effective training alongside a personal trainer was.

He had trained on his own before – but never got the results he wanted. But with just three hourly sessions a week he made a truly exceptional transformation.

How was it possible? Arthur says two key factors of working with a PT helped him gain more muscle mass, get leaner and achieve his incredible 12-week result.

“Technique is massively important. When you’re doing the exercises on your own it’s sometimes difficult to judge if you’re doing it correctly or not.

“But a personal trainer helps to make sure you do your exercises correctly and makes sure you’re not going to get any injuries. This means you can go with a heavier weight and get better results.

“Secondly, those last three reps, you won’t really ever be able to do them on your own. You just don’t have enough strength.

“Your personal trainer knows better than you how many reps you’ve got left in you.  So with him, I was able to lift more than if I was doing it on my own.”

12-week transformation

Arthur says his transformation hasn’t just given him a new body – it has shown him his true strength which has carried over into every other aspect of his life.

“Training here, I discovered myself. I discovered my body and I found out that I can do much more than I expected for myself.

“I realised I’m much stronger than I thought. That makes me feel more confident. It makes me feel like I’m ready for new challenges and that’s amazing.

“UP gave me a new life. UP gave me self-confidence and that feeling that I can achieve much more than I could before.”

If you’re inspired by Arthur’s story, see how we can help you achieve results you’ve always wanted with a UP Personal Training Plan…

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