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A Personal Trainer’s Advice on Multi-Vitamins & Supplements

Personal Trainer question and answers on fish oil / omega 3s, Poliquin Fenuplex, Poliquin Insulinomics, and Multi-Vitamins:

Q: I am very pleased with my progress and have already lost fat very quickly. Should I just keep taking fish oil? Insulinomics? Should I adjust doses in any way?

You should definitely keep up with the Poliquin fish oil. 15gms a day is now sufficient given that you have dropped so much body fat, and now that you are back home on America I would source the Poliquin Performance brand direct from the US Poliquin site

The insulinomics you could maybe drop if cost is an issue as it is quite expensive, but stick with one of the insulin modulators. Poliquin Fenuplex would be my choice. If you want to go for it and try to get down to 10% body fat then I would use both the Fenuplex and Insulinomics together.

Q: Would a multi-vitamin be worth taking? Any other supplements that you recommend?

A good multi-vitamin is always highly recommended, if only as nutritional insurance against any deficiencies that you may have. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that just because you now eat healthily you will not have any deficiencies. Modern food and stresses take their toll and we need all the help that we can get. Again I would buy a Poliquin supplement (Multi Intense Iron Free). For anyone reading this in the United Kingdom, we do stock these products in our new online store as well as at our London personal training gym in the City of London.

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