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A Good Personal Trainer Shouldn’t Be a ‘Rent-A-Friend’

I’ve learned that there are many ways to conduct an effective personal training session and that one style does not fit all. 

On the other hand, I’ve also learned that there are many ways to ruin a personal training session and turn yourself into a paid gym babysitter and rent-a-friend. 

You can always spot this type a mile away – essentially they’re bored with training clients, they have no real goal or plan when in the gym, and their only priority is to either entertain themselves to pass the hour or to entertain the client because that’s the only way that they know to “hope” that the client keeps coming back and paying them their wages. 

When I set UP up back in 2009, I shocked a bunch of trainers and a lot of clients with an approach that was a complete 180 to this. 

I tell all my trainers that we don’t care about being friends, we care about being listened to as trusted advisers because that way we get consistent results and the trainers impress the person even more important to them than their clients – me! 

There’s always another client around the corner and that’s why so many trainers treat their clients in a disposable fashion, especially in the revolving door world of commercial gyms. But the magic starts to happen when management focuses all of its attention on the trainer’s results, programs, communication and gym performance, never ever sales or how many hours you do (cruise by) on the gym floor.


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