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5 Ways Personal Training Will Change Your Life

Dear Reader,

What you’re about to read may change your life.

Or at least, it might set you on a path to improved health, body confidence, increased fitness levels and higher self-esteem. You see this is your personal invitation into the world of Personal Training.

Gym-intimidation is a thing. A big thing that gets in the way of a lot of people, male and female, actually stepping foot into the gym in the first place.

Maybe, when you make it to the gym floor, you’re simply a bit intimidated by how busy it is. Working out is hard enough without 50 strangers watching you do it. Before my 12-week transformation with UP, I would walk into a busy gym and walk straight back out again.

Perhaps you’re not overwhelmed by a busy gym floor, but at times you feel a little nervous trying a new exercise in case you don’t quite get it right.

You know that form is important but you’re not sure who to ask, and you don’t want to look as though you’re not sure what you’re doing.

Perhaps you’re not sure what weights to pick up. You don’t want to feel foolish if you pick something up that is too heavy and have to swap it for something lighter, but where your pride is concerned, picking up a lighter weight, to begin with, might seem like an even worse option.

Sometimes, I would walk into a gym with a solid plan but the equipment or machines I needed would all be taken and I’d have no clue how to adapt my routine to get the same results from my workout, using different exercises.

You don’t want to appear lost, but you’re not entirely confident with what you’re doing or what you’re planning on doing next, and so you end up losing focus and motivation along the way. That motivation which is hard to come by in the first place, especially when you’re not 100% sure of what you’re aiming for.

You have definite goals but you’re not entirely sure how to achieve them, or perhaps you’ve been working away at the same routines for some time and not getting the results you feel you deserve for your efforts.

Here’s the part where I step in and propose a solution.

Welcome to the world of Personal Training.

Personal training allows you to put your trust in somebody else. There are so many benefits to enlisting the help and support of a professional, let me talk you through what you can expect from an UP Personal Trainer.

1. Guidance

When it comes to using equipment or trying a new exercise, your personal trainer will provide the guidance you need to get it right. They will teach you correct form and give you the confidence to take your time and understand how each movement should be performed and which muscles you should be focusing on. No amount of personal research will ever come close to the knowledge you can take away from working with an experienced trainer; so choose to work with the best and listen to everything they teach you.

2. Focus 

Training isn’t something that everybody looks forward to. At times it may even be the last thing that you want to do, and it’s very easy to spend an hour and a half in the gym, on what should be a quick 30-minute session when your rest periods aren’t being monitored, and perhaps your head isn’t quite in it. Lose the distractions. Training with a PT at UP means that they dedicate all of their attention to your session and there are no opportunities for you to lose focus or waste time.

3. Exercise programming

Have you ever turned up to the gym with a session plan to find that the place is packed and you can’t use the equipment that you need? Have you ever injured yourself and stopped training rather than safely train around it, simply because you’re not sure how? Have you ever felt absolutely worn out and run down but tried your best to get through your session plan, despite knowing you’ve not got it in you to hit any personal bests that day?

At UP, all of our trainers are so effective with programming that even if you turn up on the day of your session, with a niggle or complaint, they will be able to easily switch up your program to ensure you still reap the benefits of your original plan without compromising your health or welfare. They will make changes when necessary, to suit you and your goals, to ensure that you constantly keep making progress

4. Confidence

When we try something new, it’s completely natural to feel anxious. With a Personal Trainer at UP there is no need. No need to worry and no need to feel intimidated – it’s just you and your trainer. There’s no need to compare yourself to others in the gym and no need to fear you’re doing something wrong – your trainer is beside you from start to finish to ensure you feel comfortable and know exactly what you’re doing. The amount of confidence that can build really is priceless.

5. Motivation

We all have those days when we don’t want to train. Having a PT will hold you accountable to your sessions, and that will help you to get through every session regardless of how you’re feeling. It’s their job to keep you going, to push you to get the best out of every workout and keep you focused on your session. No more clock watching.

Your trainer will track all of your progress from day one. Every weight that you lift, every time you drop body fat or your measurements change – there is someone there tracking it all for you.

I can say from personal experience, there is nothing more motivating than constantly making good progress and seeing visible results. Whether you’re picking up heavier weights each week or the number on the scales is dropping, seeing evidence of progress is the best motivator. Your trainer will encourage you throughout, praise your achievements and hold you accountable too. Knowing you have someone to answer to, that is dedicating time and effort into your results just like you are, will keep you on track and focused on your goals.

So what are you waiting for?

Personal training with Ultimate Performance changes lives, guarantees results if you’re willing to work hard and consistently, and makes gym intimidation a thing of the past. I know this because my 12-week transformation changed my whole outlook on health and fitness and taught me how to confidently walk onto a gym floor and train effectively and correctly.

Whatever has been stopping you from achieving the results you long for, let it stop you no longer.

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