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3 Myths About Protein Debunked

Protein is an essential macronutrient – even the name protein derives from the Greek word ‘proteios’, which means “first place”.

Ensuring we have plenty of protein in our diet is important. However, there are still many myths surrounding protein intake.

Here we debunk some of the major myths surround this important macronutrient.

  • If protein builds muscle, then eating MORE protein will build more muscle.
  • You must eat within 30 minutes of your workout, or you will miss your ‘anabolic window’. 
  • If I eat too much protein, it will damage my kidneys! 
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Have you heard any of these protein myths? 

More protein, more muscle? 

The idea that you need to eat a ton of protein to build muscle isn’t entirely true. If you are a highly active individual and have more muscle mass, then naturally, you have higher protein requirements than the average person. 

If you are actively dieting, protein intake alongside resistance training are two key ways we signal to the body to burn fat and retain lean body mass.  General recommendations for protein intake are based on the individual’s body weight – around 2.2–2.8g per pound of lean body mass works well for most people.

The anabolic window

Many people still believe that if they do not consume a protein shake within minutes of their training session, they will lose their muscle gains. This is not entirely true.

Yes, you should aim to get a good amount of protein after your training session, but there is no need for such urgency – getting some 1-2 hours post-workout is fine. However, if you enjoy a nice protein shake post-training this is a great way to get all the nutrients you need for recovery in an easily digestible form. It is an extra edge that can help boost your results.  

Kidney damage?

Anything in life that is consumed to excess can be problematic – we always need moderation and balance. However, unless you already have an underlying kidney or liver problem, there is no risk in eating a high protein diet.

In fact, health experts often push the benefits of protein as it increases satiety, promotes fat loss, helps build and preserve muscle, especially in older adults.

Recent research and studies do not currently support the claims that protein can cause damage to your kidneys. 

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