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101 Fat Loss Tips: Eat Fat Before Bed

Fat is NOT the enemy of effective fat loss! Forget about what your pyramid shaped dietitian tells you! Not only do we need fat for overall cellular health (interestingly enough we don’t have any vital requirement for carbohydrates or grains no matter what studies the Cereal Board and Kellogg’s may sponsor!), but we also need fat to actually best spark the fat burning process inside our bodies.

Fat also fulfills another supremely important for the sometimes hungry dieter. Fat gives us satiety in a way that protein, and most especially carbohydrates, cannot. It is common sense that if two foods are of equal calorific value and one fills you up for longer, it will be that “longer lasting” food that can help us stick to our fat loss diets for longer. Take two eggs and compare how long they may fill you versus a bowl of cornflakes! This aspect is one of the reasons why consuming extra fibre/roughage can also enhance a fat loss regime.

male fat loss transformation - UP

Some serious Fat Loss & Muscle Building went into changing this body in 12 months!

One good trick of top professional bodybuilders (men and women who must diet longer and harder for the tiniest ounce of last fat loss than any mere mortal can realistically comprehend) is to have a spoonful of (ideally organic) peanut butter before going to sleep. The fat sparks the metabolism and perhaps more significantly provides just enough “fullness” that it limits the chances of waking up in the wee hours with that bane of all successful fat loss programs, the dreaded munchies.

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