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101 Fat Loss Tips: 9) A Positive Mindset

Tips to lose fat and get lean: Maintain a positive mindset

Long term fat loss requires patience, discipline, and a constantly positive mindset. The essence of what you are trying to achieve with your fat loss goal is a body transformation. If this happened easily then no one would bother to read my blog or visit my personal training centres.

There will ALWAYS be obstacles along the way of any journey, and if I may be super cheesy I’d like to paraphrase Sylvester Stallone (oh my God I hear you cry!) in the movie “Rocky Balboa”:

“It’s not how many times you get knocked down that counts, it’s how many times you get back up”

rocky balboa positive mindset - UP

Mark my words, you will slip up but one occasional slip up won’t derail your fat loss efforts. Letting one slip up eat away at you so that it becomes one giant slide is what needs never to happen. By staying focused on the long term, what after all is one bad meal in a nutritional programme of a thousand meals, and maintaining the healthy mindset that it is YOU who you are doing all this for will see you succeed in all of your fat loss goals.

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