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101 Fat Loss Tips: 8) Activity Levels

101 Tips to lose fat and get lean: Activity Levels

Fat loss, like most things in life, can be as complicated or as simple as you want to make it. Sometimes the simplest ways are the best, and so it is with this particular fat loss tip. In a nutshell, if you keep moving throughout the day you will automatically, and seemingly without too much extra effort, boost your BMR up several notches and kick start the fat burning process.

What does this mean in reality? Your fat loss program can be greatly enhanced merely by standing when you would normally sit, walking when you would normally ride, and walking quickly when you would normally stroll. There you go, nothing too life changing or radical in any of that I think. However, always bear in mind the old cricketing adage that you don’t make a century with fours and sixes, it’s the ones and twos that really count. The same principle applies to effective fat loss – small, consistent increments in your daily calorie expenditure quickly add up. On top of all our complicated personal training protocols when aiming for rapid fat loss we always try to emphasise the importance of simply keeping moving – that extra 100 calories a day burned soon adds up. 700 calories a week means a monthly deficit of 3,500 calories and that totals a rather handy 12lbs of fat loss in a year. All without really trying!

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