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Fat Loss vs. Water Weight

To claim that a decrease in lean body mass, and an increase in muscle mass cannot coincide is to misunderstand the nature of what lean body mass includes. Joe Halstead explains further.

Steady State vs. HIIT Cardio

An objective review of the various merits of both steady state cardio and high intensity internal training. How can we make use of both for maximum impact?

Obesity and COVID-19

The health complications caused by obesity correlate with the biggest risk factors for novel coronavirus COVID-19, as explained by U.P.’s Joe Halstead.

Maintaining Your Physique Through the Lockdown and Beyond

Consulting the habits of successful weight loss maintainers gives us an understanding of how we can go about maintaining our weight in even the most dire of circumstances.

3 Simplest Fat Loss Mistakes You’re (Probably) Making

These 3 simple fat loss mistakes could be holding you back from getting a lean, shredded body

7 Simple Ways to Stay Super-Lean All Summer

If you want to stay lean all summer there are 7 simple steps to follow

4 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Why am I not losing weight is a question we hear so much at Ultimate Performance – Here are 4 reasons why.

8 Tips to Get Shredded for Summer

Looking to get shredded in time for the summer? You need to start doing this now…

7 Fat Loss Myths Everyone Needs to Know About

If your goal is to optimise your fat burning and get lean, there are 7 fat loss myths you need to stop

Low-Carb Bootcamp: How & Why You Should Do It

Find out why we think the low carb bootcamp works so well, and why you should try it in order to see great results.

How to Increase Your Muscle Gains by 30%

What if told you there was a simple secret to better and faster gains on your body transformation journey?

Nick Mitchell’s 9 Rules for a Great Body Transformation

You’re looking to make a change to your body but you don’t know where to start. Follow Nick Mitchell’s 9 golden rules

Nick Mitchell: Why ‘Fat Acceptance’ Needs to Stop

Let me be very clear – FAT IS A BAD WORD. Being fat increases all causes of mortality.

Fat Loss Transformation Tip 3: Carb Cycling

Want to lose some fat? First things first, cut down on your carbs and see the difference that it makes to your body

Cardio: Everything You Need to Know to Get Lean

Which kind of cardio is best for fat loss? How much should you do? And should it be fasted? Here’s what you need to know

Nick Mitchell: Being Fat Is Not Good

Being fat is not good. If you are fat you will almost certainly die because of it, says Nick Mitchell

Why Stress Is Making You Fat

Stress is bad for your health. But did you know it could make you fat? Here’s why…

101 Fat Loss Tips: 15) Set Clear Goals

Set clear goals but not only that set smaller goals in-between so you always have something to work toward, read more..