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Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity

Obesity is slowing killing our children. Over a third of infants in the US are obese by the age of two. It’s the worst possible start for your children’s physical and cognitive development – and puts them at dramatically greater risk from everything from diabetes to cancer in adulthood. This guide gives you everything you need to know to give your children the best possible chance in life in the face of growing obesity levels.

Who is to blame for childhood obesity? 

Are parents solely responsible for obese children? Should it be considered ‘child abuse’ if your child is overweight and you don’t act to change their life course and save them from harm? Do parents need to know the fundamentals of healthy eating? U.P. CEO and founder Nick Mitchell addresses the tough questions nobody wants to answer…

What should parents do to stop obesity in its tracks?

When a third of children in the UK are leaving primary school obese or overweight, what can parents do? U.P. CEO and founder argues that it needs to start with parents taking a harder line and making tougher choices about food, exercise and lifestyle to stop the dangerous slide toward obesity.

What can low-obesity countries teach us?

“There are societies where you don’t see obese people, and you have to ask ‘why?’” says U.P. CEO and founder Nick Mitchell.

Does the answer lie in more paternalistic government? What do schools need to be doing when children are obese? Nick addresses the issue head-on…

Why the ‘fat acceptance’ movement harms not helps our children

You cannot be ‘healthy at any size’ argues U.P. CEO Nick Mitchell. He believes the ‘fat acceptance’ movement is in danger of normalising a grave illness that harms our children’s health and well-being in every conceivable way.

Nick believes we need to stop shying away from the problem of obesity – instead have hard but honest and compassionate conversations that are needed to help change a child’s life over the long-term.

5 ways parents can help overweight or obese children

Obese children are more likely to suffer poor mental health, be bullied, experience accelerated ageing, and be at greater risk of diabetes, cancer, heart disease and early death in adulthood.   

If your child is obese, you have the power to change the trajectory of that child’s life if you act.  

We examine why obesity is so harmful to your child’s health and development, and offer five science-backed ways to address it.   

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How weight training can help your child 

Lack of exercise is a huge factor in childhood obesity, alongside overeating and poor lifestyle habits.  

We examine how weight training can be a safe and effective way for children to build strength, get fit and better manage their body weight.  

We tackle the myths around children and weight training, and share five golden rules to get your child lifting to become healthier, happier and more robust. 

Abood’s life-changing 40kg transformation saves him from a lifetime of obesity at 17 

Abood knew he was dangerously overweight. As a 100kg teenager, he couldn’t play football, he didn’t fit on amusement park rides, and he felt self-conscious about his size. His friend, who was also overweight, died of Covid-19 complications, and it spurred 17-year-old Abood to change his life for good. His incredible determination saw him transform his body, lose 40kg and leave behind the blight of obesity with the help of Ultimate Performance.   

Become a healthy role model for your children

Transform your health and learn skills to serve you and your family for life with a personal training program tailored to you.