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What Happens When You Stop Exercising

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, or so they say. No matter how much we might want to exercise, sometimes work commitments, family complications or any number of factors get in the way. Right now, we are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, with more people self isolating and […]

The Ultimate At-Home Workout

A full body workout for business people to help stay in shape when travelling with work or on holiday

3 Reasons Why You Must Track Your Workouts

Learn more about our three reasons why we think you should track your workouts. Read on to find

The Best Workout for Body Recomposition

Find out about our our thoughts and tips on what we think is the best body recomposition workout.

13 Ways to Progress in Your Workouts

We share our top 13 tips on how you can progress in your workouts. Read on to find out more.

Getting to the Bottom of the Perfect Butt

Want to achieve the perfect bum? Follow our tips and get your dream bum

The Only Workout You Will Ever Need!

This is the best workout for fat loss which will give you maximum results in minimum time!

Football Fitness: How Personal Training Can Improve Your Game

Have you always wanted to train like a professional Footballer? We share our specially designed football programme

How to Exercise to Relieve Stress

Are you finding it difficult to overcome your stress? Try our workout tips and routines to help relieve your stress

Glute Training: The Best Butt Workouts

Want to know how you can look good naked? Find out how you can look amazing naked with our training tips

5 Tips to Increase Your Punching Power

Learn how to train and develop your muscle in order to hit like a professional boxer!

How to Design a Muscle-Building Plan for Beginners

How to create a strength and muscle building programme for beginner lifters

Our Gym Set Up & Management

Find out how UP Fitness manages and sets up the gyms in order for our clients to achieve the greatest amount of success

5 Tips to Improve Your Workout Results

Follow our top five tips on how to improve your gym results

Nick Mitchell: Should I Stretch Before or After Weight Training?

Learn about the best ways to stretch before and after your weight training sessions

Press Ups or Weight Training?

Nick Mitchell answers your question on whether press ups are better than weight training

The Importance of Structural Balance

It is crucial to understand the importance of structural balance before training, this will aid in reducing injuries

Nick Mitchell’s Muscle Thrashing Arms and Chest Workout

Muscle growth training doesn’t have to be complex. Nick Mitchell’s chest and arms workout is about pure passion and rage

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